Simple Style Tips for a Leather Blazer 

Leather blazers are a staple in the modern wardrobe, and though they aren’t cheap, they are incredibly versatile. They’re durable, stylish, and go with just about any outfit. They are great for adding structure to an outfit, can help tuck in a sweater (a great investment!), and look fabulous over skinny jeans. However, it isn’t something you can get away with wearing just anywhere. Additionally, like anything you put on your body, a leather jacket or blazer can get dirty and stained if you don’t take proper care of it. Nevertheless, you can learn how to clean it in just a few minutes.

Women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and shades in this world. But one fact that remains unchanged is that a smart blazer can enhance the figure of any woman. Quite sure, many women will be reaching for their favorite leather blazers the next summer and pairing them with other key pieces. For all those women, here are a few tips for styling that versatile piece: 

  1. Be Conservative with Patterns. Regarding leather blazers, a conservative style is the best approach so that you can wear them for multiple seasons. Go easy on the patterns to achieve the best look. Wearing a leather blazer with patterns looks too eccentric, especially when the blazer is black, and so is your outfit. 
  2. Wear Neutral Colors. The secret to looking polished in a leather blazer is making sure you pair it with the right colors. Wearing neutral colors with a leather blazer allows you to really make the details stand out. You can opt for colors like white, gray, navy, brown, or something similar.
  3. Avoid Mixing Prints. You’ve probably heard the saying “never mix prints and textures” when it comes to fashion, it is really good advice. So, if you’re considering buying a leather jacket, heeding this advice is key. Leather jackets are a staple for fall and winter wardrobes, but the wrong print or texture can completely ruin the look you’re going for. So, when you’re out and about shopping, keep this tip in mind.
  4. Choose a Blazer That Flatters Your Body Type. A leather blazer is a staple for any professional closet. When shopping for a new one, keep in mind that it should fit your shoulders and bust. Since your body type changes throughout your life, it’s important to buy a blazer that fits you well now and can be altered as you lose or gain weight in the future.
  5. Wear a Belt. Leather blazers are a classic piece for every woman’s wardrobe. The combination of a chic silhouette and luxe material will never go out of style. However, one issue that plagues this style is that they cannot accentuate a skinny figure. The solution? Try adding a belt! A belt takes your outfit from office-ready to casual, giving your blazer a perfect edge.
  6. Keep Your Accessories Simple and Small. Sometimes, simplicity can go a very long way. Leather jackets are a timeless staple that’s excellent for both night and day wear. And while you can certainly use one as a statement piece, sometimes less is more. Today, we’re featuring a style tip for wearing a leather blazer: add just a few accessories, but choose them well.
  7. Don’t Wear a Jacket That is Too Tight. Wearing a jacket that fits correctly is one of the simplest style tips to keep in mind. One that is too tight can be unflattering and uncomfortable and a loose one can make you look sloppy.

Leather blazers are a trend right now. This piece is perfect for any business casual or professional setting. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and trousers, or a dark pair of denim. Wearing it in the office is a no-brainer. They’re perfect for business casual looks and look just as good with a casual tee. By adding a blazer to your outfit, you’re adding to your confidence and making your look super polished.

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