How to Look Like a Parisian Women

If you are a woman and want to change up your style to something with more sophistication as well as add in a European flare, maybe you should think about matching your style to that of Parisian women? There are a few things you must do to achieve this. In Paris, women care for their looks, clothes, hair, and body. They take care of their nails, teeth, hair, and face. Parisian women also eat a healthy diet, for instance, they eat fresh vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, white meat, fish, and poultry, as well as drink plenty of water.

Parisian women have long had a reputation as some of the best-dressed women in the world-and it is well deserved, considering their modern lines are as timeless as they are elegant, and their fashion sense is impeccable. Parisian women wear high-waisted pants, scoop neck blouses, vivid colors, and chic accessories, and it all comes together to create a look that is both feminine and fierce. In fact, they believe in keeping themselves beautiful inside and out. As much as they care about what goes over their skin, so do they about what goes within it. No doubt, why they tend to love visiting hammams, spas, laser hair removal facilities (from the likes of Semper Laser Hair Removal, for example), and similar others aligned with the field of beauty. So, if you too want to take your fashion cues, from the Parisians, follow these tips to look just like them.

A plain, simple t-shirt

There are various ways how to look like a Parisian woman. One of them is by wearing a plain t-shirt. Plain t-shirts are minimalistic and trendy. Parisian women typically wear black t-shirts to pull their look together. They will wear these types of t-shirts to work, for romantic walks, to cafes, shopping, and visiting museums or grocery stores. It is a simple piece, but it can add a crispness to an outfit without drawing the eye to one particular area.

White button-down shirt

A white button-down shirt is an understated wardrobe staple. It is considered basic, but you can have a surprisingly sophisticated look with the right combination of a shirt and blazer. They are a classic piece of clothing that can be paired with other tops underneath or on its own.

Structured blazer

Parisian women are famous for their elegance, and their style is often attributed to their impeccable appearance. But you do not have to move to Paris to get the look of a Parisian woman. That look starts here, and a structured blazer can be part of that look, for example, black leather and suede blazers are a part of that elegance. Pair it with some skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater, and you are on your way to looking like a woman from the City of Light.

Straight leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans have been a style staple for women for decades. It is exactly 60 years since women in Italy, France, and other European countries started wearing straight legs, according to Vogue, which first highlighted the style in 1953. Straight leg jeans are a form-fitting pair of denim jeans with legs cut straight across, as opposed to flare-leg jeans with a wider opening. While the style originated as a 1950s casual wear staple, it has become a go-to piece for dressier looks-and it has never been cooler than it is today.

Trench coat

Trench coats were undoubtedly a big trend in 2018, and as the years progress, they seem to be still going strong. Trench coats are a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn throughout the fall and winter months, and as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, you will want this chic trench to keep you warm. Parisian’s will wear their trench coats with a simple top, jeans, and ankle boots to create their stylish and timeless outfit.

Classic white sneakers

Well-fitted, classic white sneakers are an important part of any wardrobe and that is applicable to Parisian people too. The Parisian woman’s sneakers are white, sleek, and minimalist, not flashy, or colorful. A bright white high-top looks great with any outfit, whether for a sporty look with a hoodie or something dressier with a chunky sweater or skirt.

Neutral crossbody bag

Neutral bags have dual purposes and can be worn for day and evening wear, depending on the occasion. Neutral bags can be dressed up or dressed down and will always be stylish. Neutral bags are not to be confused with neutral-colored bags. Neutral bags are colors that can be worn with any suit or combination thereof – allowing for versatility. Neutral bags are neutral but not boring.

Parisian women are known for their chic style and enviable beauty. They opt for classic, understated looks with just the right amount of sparkle. If you are trying to look your best, but you lack the time, money, or inclination to go to Paris, then fear not. You do not have to have platinum hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and perfectly sculpted cheekbones to dress like a Parisian woman, your own beauty can make the whole look unique to you whilst channeling the ‘Paris style’.

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