About Rachel

Hey there! I’m Rachel Hart and welcome to my blog Rachels Reads Ravenously!

The blog is about me and my love for anything and everything! I have so many different interests (like most people) and I love to share and meet new people with similar likes and dislikes so I thought writing this blog would be the perfect way to do just that. The name comes from the fact that I love to read and the ravenously part is partly because I read all the time and partly because I am a home economics teacher at a local school and all the tasty treats we cook often make me hungry and ravenous!

So a bit more about me is that I currently live in Louisiana after moving from Missouri because I wanted a new adventure and more opportunities. It has been fantastic so far I’ve made some great friends and now deciding to make this blog has just made it even more exciting to start the next stage of my life!

Moving has definitely had its ups and downs and I do get homesick but I’m having the most fun that I’ve ever had and I’m in a great school with amazing kids, so what could be better?

Anyway, my blog has so many different topics that I will be discussing that I hope that you will find something that you will enjoy throughout. I talk about things like fashion, lifestyle, and obviously cooking, so you should be getting some great new cooking tips and recipes to try for yourself and with your family!

Carry on reading and I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,