3 Ways That Clothes Have Become More Comfortable

Through the years we have been struggling with fashion and comfort and how they meet in the middle so that you not only look fantastic but feel fantastic too! Clothing has also been getting cheaper as garments become easier to produce and ship around the world. Add to this the coupons for places like Macy’s on Raise and you have comfortable, stylish, and affordable clothes – what’s not to love?

I remember too often I would be wearing an outfit that I paid too much for looking great but feeling like the most uncomfortable thing in the world, a tight dress that keeps coming up from the bottom and going down at the top, or a pair of jeans that digs into you during the day. Whatever it is I am so glad that comfy clothes have now been made, and here are 3 of my personal favorites!

Stretchy jeans

Wow, wow, wow! What could I possibly not say about stretchy jeans! Thank you to the designer who created these waistband loving jeans, I will forever cherish my millions of pairs that have become the ultimate staple in my fashion wardrobe. I used to hate when I wore jeans in summer and then slowly throughout the date, they would get tighter and hotter, and then you would get that stupid button mark on your stomach that would stay with you for hours and hours. Now I slip on a pair of my stretchy jeans and they expand with me throughout the day and the best thing is that you can go out for a big meal and still feel super comfortable! Also, they look good as a dressier option and just a casual style, so they really are a great piece of fashion to have within your personal collection.

Baggy Tops

Now, these have gone in and out of style for several years, but I am so happy that they are back! You can wear them in so many different styles and a baggy blouse is seen as a great aesthetic for evening wear at a restaurant or bar. For so many years fashion told us that wearing a tight-fitting top with a skinny body was the only way to dress, but now with looser fitting tops, we can claim back our confidence without having to show off our bodies. The great thing is that baggy does not mean “baggy” it is not like a loose thing hanging off your body, but it has form and style attached to it, which means that you don’t need to worry about looking like a sack of potatoes in a looser fitting top.


The freedom our boobs all needed is finally here! Gone are the days with uncomfortable underwire digging into your body or padding that makes it difficult to wear a tighter fitting top, but now our chests can be just as comfy as the rest of our body. However, don’t be fooled a bralette is not an unsupportive piece of material but it has the same structure as a regular bra just without all the uncomfortable bits added onto them. Of course, you are not going to receive the same support but unless you are going to a gala dinner who cares?! All I know is a great bralette is a key staple in any everyday wardrobe thanks to its comfortable, relaxing, and gorgeous look and fit!

Do you have any other comfortable clothes that you wear now that you never used to? Or have you gone straight out to the shops to purchase something from this list? I endorse all of these products because a comfortable outfit is a huge asset to any wardrobe, and I promise I am not going back to uncomfortable years that I have endured in tight fashion! So how about you?

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