Shorter skirts or Higher Heels?

Skirts and heels have undergone a lot of change over the years, from times where mini skirts and high heels were worn to maxi skirts and kitten heels. Fashion has also gone from something that everything needs or wants to a unique choice, with most people rebelling against mainstream fashion and choosing to be more individual with their wardrobe. So how do we decide whether to wear shorter skirts or higher heels?


There are so many benefits to skirts and heels for body shape and confidence and it is all about utilizing them in the best way possible to accentuate your features.


There are so many kinds of skirts and if you look back only 50 years ago you can see how much they have shrunk and grown over the years. They have gone from maxi skirts that just show the tops of their ankles to mini skirts that are only just covering their buttocks, during the time where women started to claim back their sexuality and freedom, and we are still doing this now! It is always recommended that the shorter the skirt the smaller the heel, I’m pretty sure the only reason for this is that if you fall over, you are not showing everything! But I also think a mini skirt’s goal is to be fun and playful so wearing them with trainers, sandals, or kitten heels is better so that you can enjoy this outfit with all the fun it provides.


If we then look at outfits with things like midi or maxi skirts, then wearing higher heels can add so much more elegance and class to the look. Think the 1940s to 1960s where this look has been adapted from, of course, they were more inclined to wear a midi heel rather than a high heel but as things change over time and get reclaimed the style changes ever so slightly. I personally love a long floaty maxi skirt with a pair of high heels because it makes me walk taller and feel more confident, like a 50s movie star, and honestly, that is such a great feeling! When I was younger it used to be mini skirts that were all the rage but honestly, I am so happy that more midi and maxi skirts have come into fashion because they are so comfortable!


The purpose of high heels is to make your legs look longer and accentuate the curves of your bum; they also give you this boost of confidence that you just don’t get with a pair of flats. Some people obviously find high heels uncomfortable and therefore would go for a smaller pair of heels and in this case wearing a midi or mini skirt would be the best thing for your style, because it should give you the confidence as well as looking good with your outfit.


If you love wearing heels a midi or maxi skirt would be the best thing to wear as this gives you so much more class and sophistication. If you were to wear a mini skirt with high heels then it would look a lot more scandalous and not accentuate you in the most flattering way, however, if this is the look that you want to go for say if it was a club night then go for it! This post is just a discussion with a few recommendations you can of course wear anything you like as long as you feel comfortable.


In conclusion, the longer the skirt the higher the heel is a great rule of thumb to stick by because it adds that extra sophistication and class onto the outfit. That being said wearing whatever outfit makes you feel confident and happy is key to wearing an outfit instead of it wearing you!



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