Heels that Give You a Sporting Chance as a Spectator

Who would have thought that heels would ever have been linked to sport but there is no disputing the fact that heels give women a greater view of what is going on in crowded situations? So, this can be a sporting event or a music festival where people stand and so sometimes struggle to see over other people’s heads. Okay, these kinds of events have not taken place much recently, because of the pandemic, but relative normality surely has to return soon. We have to find a way of living our lives in relative comfort after all this mask-wearing.

So, let us consider some heels that balance comfort with view, stature, and elegance.


Comfortable Heels

If, as a woman, you are to spend long periods at an event, it is important to have heels that feel comfortable as well as ones that will provide you with a height advantage in these situations. The best types of heels where comfort is more of a priority are considered to be kitten heels, block heels, and platform heels. So, it is these that we will discuss further. It would seem sensible that a wider heel would provide more comfort without sacrificing all the height that it is possible to gain. You will, after all, desire a heel that is both comfortable to stand in and that allows you to walk at least a short distance before it becomes impractical.


Kitten Heels

A kitten heel is by definition a short stiletto heel, so it will not provide great height but a little more than you have with a flat shoe. It will generally have a heel of 1 inch high that has a slight curve that sets the heel in from the shoe’s back edge. It was a style that was popularized by the likes of Audrey Hepburn. You may also have observed Theresa May, Hilary Clinton, and Michelle Obama wearing them.


Block Heels

Block heels are chunkier than stilettos but not as chunky a platforms. They will vary from having a square low heel that is on a flat shoe to a fashionable heel that is cylindrical. So, there should be a block heel that will suit everyone. It provides some height without sacrificing much of the comfort you would lose with the tallness associated with the famed stiletto heel.



Platform heels are tall but considered a more comfortable option than thinner or conventional heels as a way to gain height. They are also easier to walk in. The higher the platform, the less that your foot will arch inside the shoe. Less arching of your foot will result in more comfort.

With this extra height, you will have a greater view of the world. It is the equivalent of seeing out of a high vehicle as opposed to a go-cart.

Historically, platform shoes are nothing new because they originate from ancient Greek theatre. Salvatore Ferragamo is credited with making them popular in the 1930s when he designed rainbow soles for them. Wearing them today, you can have all that history on your feet, be trending in the fashion stakes, remain reasonably comfortable, and gain some extra height. What is not to like about platform heels?


So, we have stayed with comfort, but you can, of course, go much taller if you desire. Stiletto heels can range from an inch to a sky-scraping 7 or 8 inches. Surely, 8 inches can be no fun to walk in. Although, they are likely to make you taller than the tallest, darkest, and most handsome man. Everything has its advantages if you are prepared to sacrifice what others see as sensible. The recommendation here is, if you preference height over comfort, that you should then have a spare pair of shoes with you to change into. Otherwise, you may find yourself watching everywhere you walk just that bit more closely, after you have had to ditch your killer heels. We hope that whatever you decide, you will enjoy experiencing your event from a new and exciting perspective.

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