9 Best Petite Fashion Tricks of All Time

When it comes to adult fashion, petite women face a lot of challenges. They have a hard time finding clothes that flatter their curves, and many fashion items simply aren’t meant to be worn by people under 5’4”. But petite fashion doesn’t have to be a challenge! Today, we have compiled a list of the nine best petite fashion tricks to help inspire your next outfit.

Know Your Measurements

When it comes to dressing, we all have our own unique style, but sometimes it can be hard to find clothes that fit just right. One trick to finding clothes that fit is knowing your measurements. This can help you know what sizes to look for while shopping.

Identify Your Body Shape

We may not realize it, but fashion is subjective. While some women love the look of a flowy maxi dress, others find this style absolutely horrifying. To be honest, my closet is stocked with enough flowy gowns to last me a lifetime. So, how can you know what looks best on you? This is simply a matter of identifying your body shape: is your body straight up and down, or does it taper slightly at the waist? What about your hips and upper thighs? 

Shop Petite and Non-Petite Sections 

Today’s boutiques and department stores have a section called petite, as well as a separate section for plus-size. Like the plus-size section, the petite section is filled with ruffles, colors, and patterns. Here, you can find great items made specifically for petite women, providing great options for dressing. No matter your size, it’s always a great idea to size up since sizes run small.

Unbuttoned Regular-Sized Blazers and Jackets

Embrace your petite form by dressing your usual-sized clothes like mini versions. Start with your tailoring. Shorter jackets and blazers should be unbuttoned, and your hems should be an inch off the floor. This trick is versatile –you can go unbuttoned or just stop using buttons altogether. You can also try a more relaxed button-up and pair it with skinny pants. Better yet, you can pair it with an oversized blazer. 

Use Accessories to Appear Taller

Petite women can use fashion accessories to accentuate their look and make it look like they’re wearing clothes that are the right size. Adding accessories to an outfit can give the illusion that your body is longer, narrower, or slimmer than it is.

Choosing Delicate Over Chunky Accessories

Petite women often face two challenges when dressing: not looking bulky and not looking dowdy. But there is a way to tackle these seemingly contradictory issues—the solution: delicate over chunky accessories—no need to pile on the necklaces, bangles, or bracelets. Pick one, two, or three pieces that add interest and depth to your look. Plus, as a bonus, less is more concerning petite fashion. When in doubt, go with delicate instead of chunky.

Picking Out Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are flattering for some body types, but they’re not always the best choice for petite women. However, you can try them on and get to know which ones suit you. For petite women as well, the options are endless for picking out maxi dresses. Whether grabbing a drink with friends, heading to a family barbecue, or just running errands, plenty of classy maxi dresses for petite can add a touch of colorful, crisp, and summery style to any look.

Combine Oversized Pieces with Form-Fitting Items

The key to pulling off an outfit with an oversized piece is balance. Choose pieces that are form-fitting to counterbalance your large piece. If you’re looking to accentuate your height, try wearing vertical stripes. If extra length is what you desire, try pairing high-waisted bottoms with fitted tops. Lastly, balance out oversized pieces with form-fitting items to create a more elongated silhouette.

Elongate your legs, Over-the-Knee Boots  

Petite fashion is one of those many situations where having short legs can work in your favor. Wearing over-the-knee boots can instantly make you appear taller than you are, and there are plenty of styles out there that look chic on short legs. If you wear more classic black boots, wearing your knee-high socks will show off those pretty white tights even more.

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