6 Bottoms That Suit Any Tops

If you’re like me, you often struggle with matching your cute top to your bottoms that you wanted to wear for that particular day, and then what follows is a constant pillaging of your wardrobe to find a new perfect outfit for the day! Well, now you don’t have to worry because if you have these following bottoms in your closet then you will never have to stress about this again.


Skinny Jeans

This is a staple in many people’s closets and makes up the most stunning outfits. The shape of the jeans means that you can wear Cami tops, t-shirts, flared tops, and they will all go with the jeans! You can even wear baggy t-shirts with them, and you will still look amazing. The best thing is that you can wear them in summer or winter, so whether it’s a jumper or a strappy top make sure that you have a pair of skinny jeans with you at all times!


Flared Jeans

Like skinny jeans, the shaping at the top of the jeans means that you can wear literally any top with them! The best thing is that you get that 70s aesthetic, which is a reminder of a time with fun and freedom, so you can spice up your look with rainbow colors and give yourself more of a brighter look. Just check out the outfits from Mamma Mia 2 and that should give you some inspiration.


Mom Jeans

These are slightly different in the way that they are a completely different shape from the top to flares or skinny jeans however in my experience any top I put on goes with them perfectly. The best fit for mom jeans is a loose top or a baggy blouse as it goes well with the aesthetic, but a tighter t-shirt also adds a little bit of extra flair to the look too!


High-Waisted Shorts

In summer you don’t always want to wear long pants, but you still want to make use of all of your tops in your closet. Well, here is where the high-waisted shorts come into play, you can tuck in t-shirts or wear them over the top, you could even wear a top with a longer back, or a blouse to dress it up a bit more. It is possibly one of the most versatile and relaxed summers looks you can wear!


Capri Pants

If you are looking for smarter attire, then you could always choose a pair of capri pants to style with any of your favorite tops. These trousers have a straight cut that follows down your leg which means that you can wear both baggy and tighter fitting tops with them, and you can wear them whilst going down to the beach, to a restaurant, or shopping with friends, there are endless opportunities with this smart casual look!


Pencil Skirt

If you are less inclined to wear a pair of pants, then perhaps a pencil skirt or tight-fitting skirt is more up your street. Like the Capri pants, you can wear these for both casual and smart occasions depending on which top you put with them. For example, if you wear a blouse then it turns into a smart outfit that you can wear to the office, bar, or restaurant, and if you wear a t-shirt or Cami top then you can turn it into a beach, brunch, or strolling down the park look. It’s all about the styling to achieve results.


The gist of this is that if you wear straighter and form-fitting outfits then you can easily put any top with them and make it work, you can even dress them up or down depending on what occasion you are going to. So, will you be buying any of these bottoms, or have you already had them in your closet all along? Let me know!


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