The Heart

The Heart by Kate Stewart

4 stars!

If you have not read The Fall or The Mind, there will be spoilers for those books in this review.

I loved The Fall and The Heart by Kate Stewart, so when I saw she was writing another book in the series my mind was made up that I was reading it, no questions asked. I was a bit apprehensive about reading this one, because I cried reading both of the first two books, The Mind itself was just sobbing embarrassingly for hours. Luckily, I only ALMOST cried when reading this book but ONLY because I was in public and needed to keep my act together. If I had been in private, I would have cried.

“My life had started a long time ago and had begun to leave me behind.”

The Heart is the story of Jack and Rose (no not the ones from Titanic, but these two do have quite a love story). Rose had lost her fiancé Grant just before her wedding a few years back and she’s barely coping with it years later. Throwing herself into her work, Rose has surrounded herself in a comfortable way of life, and one where she doesn’t move on from Grant.

Jack comes in when Roses father hires him to work on the new treatment center Rose is building with her sister. There’s an instant attraction between the two of them, but Jack is looking for serious and Rose has no idea what she wants. But with the ghost of Grant around her at all times, can she let him go and move on? Or honor his memory instead?

“A majority of my grieving had to do with the fact that I had known a love so incredible, so unique, I was sure I’d never be given the same gift twice.”

Kate writes beautiful and emotional books, it’s the reason I love them and her as an author. This is such a heartfelt story and I think it will touch a lot of readers with what it has to say. For me, when I read a book, the character needs to change, they need to come out of the book different from where the book started, and Kate accomplished this tenfold. Rose was in a place where she didn’t realize she was existing, and not living. And at its heart, this book is about Rose coming back into the woman she can be and the life she was meant to live.

I really liked Jack as a hero, because he wasn’t a jerk, or an alpha hero. He was a good guy with his own insecurities and wants, and what he wanted was a place in Rose’s heart. I like that he was up front with what he wanted but knew it was also up to Rose to choose him. He knew she had walls and he wanted to be the one to break them down, but Rose had to break down some of the walls herself and respected that.

If you want to read a lovely romance story, I recommend this book and series to you. She’s a great writer and this was an engaging book. I cannot wait for you to read Rose and Jack’s story.

“You’re in my head, my thoughts, you’ve completely invaded me, whether you wanted to or not.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review