Illegal Contact

Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell

4.5 stars! 

“I’m your boss. You’re my assistant. We’re not anything else.” 

Gavin Brawley is one of the NFL’s biggest players, and after an assault charge he’s been confined to his home for six months, monitored by an ankle bracelet. Being benched means Gavin needs to hire an assistant to manage his entire life, something he’s not exactly happy about.

Noah Monroe is in desperate need of a job, after him and his father lost theirs they need to make ends meet. The last thing Noah wants is to be a PA to a cranky NFL player, but despite his reservations, he takes the job.

Tension is high between the two of them, and things don’t start off smooth. But the more time they spend with each other, the better it gets until a tentative friendship and mutual respect is formed.

“Better to have an insolent nerd with no interest in football than a kiss-ass fan who will tell all to all their friends.” 

Illegal Contact is the sports romance you’ve been waiting for! Football is never my first choice (like ever), so I was surprised when I ended up loving this football romance. Well, I shouldn’t have been because Santino Hassell is everything that’s good in the MM romance genre. The voice he gives to his characters is so strong, Noah and Gavin felt like real people to me, one’s I could turn my head and talk to.

This is an I hate you/I love you kind of romance. The beginning starts out with much badgering and barb trading, but I loved the journey from dislike to mutual admiration. They always say there’s a thin line between love and hate and this book encapsulates that phrase excellently. I loved Noah and Gavin equally, neither one of them got on my nerves at any point and I was rooting for them both to get what they want.

This is the next big series in MM romance, so you’d be an idiot not to pick up this book!

“You are trustworthy. And I’m tired of always hiding.” 

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 



Stay by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4.5 stars!

“My confidence took a hit after the divorce. But it’s slowly coming back. I feel stronger. More self-assured.”

Hailey runs her own anonymous virtual personal assistant business with her ex-husband, and her favorite client ends up being her favorite hockey star, Matt Erikson. Matt just recently went through a tough divorce and tries to spend as much time with his twin girls as he can. Matt also is intrigued by his virtual assistant, and wants to meet her in person.

Hailey is definitely interested, but her history with her ex has really taken a hit on her confidence. Matt also has his issues with his ex that get in the way of his personal life. But, it may be time for the two of them to take a chance and put themselves out there.

“I’m ridiculously attracted to you. Hottie. I figured I should be up front about that.”
“Shut up and kiss me again, Snipes.”

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have never let me down! Every single book I’ve read by this pair has been pure magic! I cannot get enough! Stay is another great novel that you have to make next on your to be read. I picked up this book and never wanted to put it back down. It’s actually because of Bowen and Kennedy that I love hockey romances, I’ll pass on the football and you better pass me the puck!

I gotta say the best part about this book is we got mature characters, by that I mean a driven and smart heroine who works hard, and a man who isn’t sleeping around. I cannot tell you how many books I’ve read where the guy is constantly slutting it up until he meets the heroine. Both Hailey and Matt had standards and goals, and it was so refreshing.

This was an unconventional slow burn romance, one I can see myself rereading in the future. This book was low angst and low drama, so it’s perfect for all of you out there allergic to those things. I happen to prefer angst and drama, and I still loved this book. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like it!

“I’m a goner for this man. Our relationship might not be ‘official’, but holy hell, I officially feel all the feelings for Matt Erikson.”

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Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen

5 stars!

OH MY GAWD. I loved this book so hard! Sarina Bowen, you have outdone yourself!!!

Pipe Dreams is the third book in the Brooklyn Bruisers series but can easily be read as a standalone novel. This book follows Mike Beacon, goalie for the Bruisers and Lauren, the office manager to the man who owns the team. Four years ago they had been in a relationship, happy and in love, until two years ago when Mike broke up with Lauren and basically disappeared from her life very rapidly. What Lauren didn’t know was Mike needed to take care of his young daughter, as his wife who he was in the middle of divorcing became terminally ill.

Currently, Lauren has been brought in by the team owner to cover the Bruiser’s while they are in the playoffs. Mike and Lauren find themselves together more often and old feelings resurface. Mike wants to pursue Lauren again, but after he left her Lauren has issues with trust and doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again.

This is a book that every single time I put it down, I found myself craving to pick it back up. I gobbled this one up and wanted to hug it to my chest after reading it! Sarina Bowen is one of my favorite authors, and this book just reaffirmed why I always come back to her books every single time. I was even hesitant to pick this one up, because I just kind of liked the first book, and dnf’d the second. But I wanted to see what else was happening in the Bruiser’s world and I am so glad I did!

Second chance romance is my favorite subgenre of romance, I love seeing two people who belong to each other, make their way back to one another. Mike made a mistake two years before, but in my opinion he made it for all the right reasons. Does that mean he still didn’t mess up big time? No. But my heart bled for the man and the tough choices he had to make, and the one he chose ultimately for the better for his daughter.

Surprisingly for a second chance romance, there was zero to no drama. I kept waiting for it to happen at the 70% point on and when it didn’t, I was impressed! There was a little bit of angst, mostly because Lauren had to learn to trust again, but I completely understand that and so did Mike. And for having a 13 year old daughter in the book, delivering no drama is quite the achievement! What we did get as readers is emotional moments, ones that squeezed your heart but not too hard that it hurt. I found myself rooting for this couple for all that they had been through and was pulling for them so hard!

Anyways, this is a single parent, second chance, hockey sports romance that I think many readers will love and enjoy. After what felt like a rough start to the series (for me) it’s good to know that it just keeps getting better.

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The Player

The Player by Claire Contreras

4.5 stars!

“Life is short. We’re only here to chase moments. I’d rather make those moments worthwhile.”

Claire Contreras, cheers to you! This book was awesome!

The Player is about Warren, a talented soccer star who plays in the United Kingdom. He comes to New York on vacation and on family business where he meets Camila. Camila is from a family that fell from grace and she took it hard. Now she works for a non profit and can’t afford much, but she works hard and knows what she wants in life.

Warren is used to women falling all over him based on his looks and celebrity status. So when he pursues Camila and is shot down, he’s genuinely surprised, but still eager to go out with her. Camila is unsure of Warren, his fame and his fortune. She doesn’t want to tame the player, she’s tried that before and failed. But there’s something drawing them together, and they can only fight the attraction for so long.

“If you’re at the other end of the chase, it would be impossible for me to be disappointed.”

I honestly was hesitant to go into this book, and yet at the same time I was intrigued. I’m not a big fan of the whole hot guy cover trend, and was worried this book was going to be all hot and no plot. That wasn’t the case here, we got a sweet and touching story with some very emotional and poignant moments thrown in.

This book pulled and yanked at all my emotions, at first it was hard to think a player like Warren was serious about Camila, but as the book went on I found myself a believer in change. There’s always something thrilling about seeing the player settle down, and I loved the way Warren fell for Camila. The attraction between the two of them was so charged, you could feel it coming off of the page.

I loved Camila as a heroine, she was quiet yet strong. She had to work hard for what she had and didn’t back down easily. She was also cautious, which I respected. It was so refreshing to read a romance where the heroine doesn’t follow at the heroes feet two seconds after meeting him. And I have mad respect for Camila (and Claire) for that.

If you want to read something explosive, filled with tension and longing, this is the book for you.

“I’d give up my career to chase moments with the right woman.”

Good Boy

Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4.5 stars!!!

Receiving this arc was like getting a Christmas present! It came at the perfect time during stressful holiday season.

Good Boy is a spin off of the Him series, which is two MM books before this one, BUT this can be read as a standalone and is MF. Jess Canning is planning her brother’s wedding to his boyfriend and it has to be perfect. Too many times she’s let her parents and family down with her restless spirit. The only thing that can get in the way of that is Blake, friend of the groom’s and a mistake Jess won’t make again.

Blake is the guy no one takes seriously, always happy and a fun guy to be around. And the more time he spends with Jess, the more and more he likes her and wants to see her. And little by little Blake begins to grow on Jess.

First thing I want to say is BLAKE IS MINE! That’s right ladies (and possibly gents), he is mine!!!! I called it!!! LOL

Ever since these characters were introduced I was excited to read their story so this book was a mother-frickin delight! I love that we got a back story of what happened when Jamie was sick, we got to see the wedding, and then a beautiful romance between two unlikely people.

One of my favorite parts about this book was the layers we saw behind both characters, this wasn’t just another romance. We got character development (and for those of you who know me well, I drool over character development). There’s more to Jess and Blake than meets the eye, and in the two of them discovering that about each other, we got a beautiful romance.

Full of laughter, feels and some seriously hot stuff, Good Boy is the book you need to escape reality and have a great time!

ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review

The Goal

The Goal by Elle Kennedy

4 stars!

“He’s sweet and earnest and clearly has money, whereas I’m bitchy and stressed and live in the gutter.”

So if you haven’t read The Score, my review will have minor spoilers. The Goal is the story of Tucker and Sabrina. We’ve met both in the previous book, Sabrina was portrayed as a raving bitch and Tucker has always been the strong and silent type. The two have an unexpected night of passion, and Tucker is itching for more.

But Sabrina has home issues and life goals that don’t make room for a normal relationship, and she has no interested in dragging Tucker down into the gutter with her. So when an a surprise hits the two of them. Tucker wants to step up but cannot break through all of Sabrina’s walls.

“I’m not the girl for John Tucker and I never will be.”

I really enjoyed this newest book from Elle Kennedy. I think a lot of people won’t like the heroine, but she really didn’t bug me at all. I empathized with her situation and I understood her insecurities based on the horrible way she was raised and the unconditional love missing from her upbringing. Tucker was fantastic, as well all knew he would be. Many a reader will fall for him and make him their next book boyfriend. He was perfect!

The pacing was something that could have been better, the beginning was very slow and then picked up near the middle. If you read The Score this book follows some of the timeline of events in that book and it felt a little bit like a rehash at some points. But I also loved getting to know what was happening with Sabrina and Tucker when none of the characters had noticed it was happening.

The sex scenes between Tucker and Sabrina were hot! I did not expect that from him, his confidence and appeal. I guess it’s true that nice guys are great in the sack! Because Tucker blew me away!! And for the situation that Sabrina ended up in, she picked exactly the right guy because he was there for her and he knew when to back off. Do I wish he was mine? Hell yes! Am I aware he’s fictional? Unfortunately I do have that small level of sanity intact.

Elle Kennedy delivers a great romantic story that readers will love! I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table in the future.

“You’re not alone. And you’re not dragging anyone down. I’m here with you, Sabrina. Every step of the way.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


#Nerd by Cambria Hebert

4 stars!

“No one wanted to deal with damaged. It made them uncomfortable.”

#Nerd is the comedic story of Rimmel and Romeo. When Rimmel is told she is supposed to tutor the star football player and campus star Romeo, she’s not exactly thrilled. Rimmel blends into the background as much as she can, hiding behind her long hair and her baggy clothing. When Romeo meets Rimmel, he’s not impressed and doesn’t take her seriously. On top of that, Romeo is rushing a frat, one that is ruthless. And they now want him to sleep with Rimmel as a part of his initiation.

“You asked me why I’m here,” he murmured, leaning in so he was so close his lips brushed mine as he spoke. “This is why I’m here, Rimmel. Can’t you feel it too?”

I really enjoyed this book. It may be predictable, sweet and a little bit cliché, but it all WORKED. Rimmel is a character I fell in love with, her insecurities, her feelings of loneliness, and then watching her bloom into a beautiful young lady. Rimmel’s transformation was my favorite part of the book. Romeo ended up being a great hero, he didn’t get off to a great start with me, but by the end of the book I was rooting for him.

If you are looking for a great break from reality, this is the book for you. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series, as this one was so much fun.

“When did everything get so damn complicated?”
“When your life became about more than just football.”
“You sound like Yoda.”
“It’s the beer.”

Rookie Move

Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

4 second chance stars!

“If you want to keep breathing, don’t ever call the love of my life a bitch.”

Rookie Move is the story of Leo Trevi and Georgia Worthington. Back in the day they were high school sweethearts very much in love, until a tragic event rocked Georgia’s world and she broke up with Leo on graduation day.

Now six years later Leo has been drafted into the NHL, and to the very team that Georgia works as the PR representative, the Brooklyn Bruisers. After six years of not even speaking, the two already know they have left too many things unresolved. But Leo knows that Georgia is the only woman he has had this kind of connection with, but it’s up to Georgia to decide if she wants to be back with Leo as well.

I have yet to read a Sarina Bowen book I haven’t enjoyed, she has a way of hitting my sweet spot when I didn’t even think it was there. Second chance romance is also my favorite romantic trope, and I loved Georgia and Leo’s story. There was a lot of depth between them, probably because of their past history together, but even through the book I could feel the pull between the two of them.

For those of you who read The Ivy Years series, there are familiar faces, but this book is not a part of that series as this is adult romance and the other series was very much new adult. I do wish we had seen more of Leo and Georgia’s relationship as teens in flashbacks, but otherwise this was a wonderful romance story many readers will love and enjoy.

Plus, I cannot wait for the next book! I am excited for that characters story.

“You and I don’t have one-night stands. We have forever night stands.”

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Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

4 stars!

“Life is a series of stupid decisions interrupted by luck.”

Tyler Rollins lived most of her life working as a bat girl for the Yankees, the team her father played for. At seventeen years old she’s close to graduating high school from home school and has secured a job with the Yankees after. Chase Stern also enters her life, a new player for the team. Knowing his reputation, Tyler’s father asks her to stay away from him. But Ty and Chase have a connection from the very beginning, a genuine one that cannot be denied.

“A woman shouldn’t be created in such heartbreakingly beautiful combinations. A woman shouldn’t, in fifteen minutes, have the ability to ruin him for life.”

This book came as a bit of a shock to me, Torre can be a hit or a miss and this book was definitely a hit! I went into this book knowing many of the spoilers (because I am a spoiler whore) and I think it helped me personally with this book as there are aspects not everyone would love. Some things bugged me but I was able to look past them and enjoy.

I was surprised to find that this book had one of my favorite tropes: second chance romance. While the first half of the book was very romantic and sweet, the second half had the angst I wish for in every book with a tiny bit of suspense thrown in. I really loved the romance story, Chase and Ty were amazing. I just wish the suspense aspect was gone because it didn’t seem necessary at all. This book would have been 5 stars without it.

Anyways, I know there are a lot of baseball books out right now but I have really enjoyed every single one I’ve read. So you don’t want to miss out on this one!

“As a teenager, he had corrupted me. As a woman, he had ruined me.”

Thank you to the ladies at BBU, I won this ebook from them in a FB giveaway. You ladies rock!

Anything But Minor

Anything But Minor Teaser 4

Anything But Minor by Kate Stewart

4.5 stars!!!

I always know one thing going into a Kate Stewart book: she’s gonna leave me with a big old smile on my face.

“I’m not sure what you want me to think of you, Rafe.”
“I’m pretty sure I just want you to think of me, Alice.”

Anything But Minor is about a woman named Alice who has left Ohio to live in Charleston and has a new career as a flight instructor. Having been sheltered by her mother her entire life, Charleston is Alice’s chance to live free and discover new things. On a whim, she attends a baseball game for the local minor league team where she meets Rafe, the star pitcher. Rafe makes it clear from the beginning he is interested in Alice, but Alice wants something more substantial than a fling. The two agree to be friends but there is an attraction between them that Rafe doesn’t want to deny.

“I may be wrong about you, I think. I thought you were one of those bone-headed, stupid athletes who only cared about baseball and women. But I have a feeling you’re worth knowing.”

I really loved reading the progression of the relationship between Rafe and Alice, their adventures together and the little moments where they got to know each other. Alice is quirky and nerdy and I loved her. I loved that Rafe embraced her nerdiness and quirks, and he saw how her past made her the woman she was. Rafe, he was quite the hero. Friendly, strong, and determined, I also loved that he was a big dude! Cause I like my alpha males and all.

The side characters are a delightful cherry on top and I am dying to see them again. I really want to see more from Kristina as I adored her friendship with Alice. The VHS tapes at the beginning of the chapters were another awesome touch to the book, in fact this entire book just made me want to sit down and watch 80’s movies.

Another great book from Kate Stewart and I look forward to what’s to come!

“I’ve got you.”
“I’ve got you, too.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4 stars

 photo mm2.png

Us is the highly anticipated sequel to the book Him by two of my favorite authors. After two childhood friends reconnected and fell in love, Wes and Jamie are living together in Canada pursuing their dreams. Wes is playing for an NHL team and Jamie is coaching a youth hockey team. Wes’s schedule is rough on them both, he’s constantly traveling at away games and Jamie is often left behind due to his own job commitments.

On top of the crazy schedule, Wes and Jamie aren’t really “out” yet. There’s never been an openly gay member of the NHL before and Wes doesn’t know how it would affect his career. Adding even more fuel to the fire, a teammate of Wes moved into the building and is CONSTANTLY around, meaning even less boyfriend together time for Jamie and Wes. To make matters worse (yes there’s even more) poor Jamie is having a hard time at his job, but has trouble discussing this with Wes. So basically this sequel proves that not everyone can ride off into the sunset and have everything be rainbows forever and ever.

 photo mm.png

Within the last two years or so, both Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have become some of my favorites authors, separate and together in their writing. Whenever I read one of their books it flows and is effortless, I never find myself putting the book down to do other things. Us was the same way I read it straight through. While I preferred the angst of friends to lovers in the first book, I still enjoyed this follow up and the trials and tribulations Jamie and Wes went through.

All of the issues mentioned above, it seemed impossible that all would be resolved but actually the authors pulled it off. Even if it wasn’t because the characters were motivated and it was actually external forces. To me this felt like the characters were forced into decisions instead of making them on their own because of genuine want. I also wanted to smack both of the guys for being oblivious of each other and for keeping so many secrets.

I did love the introduction of a possible love story between Jamie’s sister and Wes’s teammate. Is that going to happen? Pretty please? Don’t care how, I want it now!!

ARC kindly provided by authors in exchange for an honest review

All Lined Up

All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

2.75-3 stars

“God, do they make WD-40 for flirting? Because I am rusty.”

All Lined Up is the story of Dallas, a dance major and Carson, a football player. Both meet at a college party, Dallas not knowing Carson is on the team, and Carson not knowing that Dallas is the daughter of his new football coach. They begin to spend time together, forming a friendship but holding romantic feelings for each other at the same time.

“I don’t know that dancing fixes anything. I don’t feel magically happy because of it. My problems don’t disappear when the music ends. But I understand life better when I dance, and understanding is half the fight of surviving.”

Rusk University is a series I’ve been meaning to read, and now that three books are out I decided to dive in. Plus my local library has it, and who can deny a free book? This was more like a YA story than an NA one. Yes it was a little bit more racy than a YA book, but barely. I found I couldn’t really relate to either of the characters in this book and maybe that’s why I didn’t love it. Regardless the story in this fell flat for me. I kind of liked it, but I wasn’t invested in it, or in what would happen to the characters.

Cora’s other series I rated in this order:
Losing It: 3 stars
Faking It: 4 stars
Finding It: 5 stars

So based on the above written I am totally willing to keep reading this series, as this author has proven I can like, really like, and love her work.

“I’ve spent too much time pretending, too much time on the outside, too much time feeling spineless. This time… I’m going after what I want.”

The Score

The Score by Elle Kennedy

5 stars!

 photo score collage.png

You know the book is a winner when you have a smile on your face the entire time you’re reading it. Considering I have loved every Elle Kennedy book I’ve read, I knew going into this book it would be a good read. What I didn’t know is that I would freaking love this book. I need to get my hands on a paperback copy so I can hug it very tightly!

The Score begins with Allie having just broken up with her boyfriend. Knowing how easily he can worm his way back into her life, she asks her friends for sanctuary and her friend’s boyfriend Garrett offers Allie his place for the weekend while they’re gone. Allie runs over to his place to find his roommate Dean there, the campus manwhore. The two hang out for the night and something happens between them. But in the light of day Allie doesn’t want to continue and Dean wants more.

Well I don’t want to get all spoilery and tell the entire plot, so I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free like the author requested. I will say I literally laughed out loud while reading this book, many many times. Especially a certain bathtub scene that some of you have come to know and love. The banter between Dean and Allie was my favorite part about this whole book, they kept each other on their toes.

I also loved how for Dean and Allie they didn’t expect anything from the other, and in return they both ended up needing each other for different reasons. Dean may have had a playboy exterior, but beneath that façade he was so much more, and Allie was the one to see past it and accept Dean for the wonderful man he was. Dean and Allie are one of my favorite book couples, I think they are perfect together.

I gotta say, Elle Kennedy continues to impress and she is an author who I will forever read and recommend. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, get on it!!

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

The Fifteenth Minute

The Fifteenth Minute (Ivy Years #5) by Sarina Bowen

5 stars!

“The only time I feel like myself is when I am with you.”

 photo the fifteenth minute.png

First off, a HUGE thank you to Wendy who helped get me this arc. You ended my suffering!! Muah!

The fifth book in the Ivy Years series, this book can techincally be read as a standalone, but so many of the characters from the first four books appear that I highly recommend reading them in order. Plus they’re awesome so you should read them anyway.

The Fifteenth Minute is the story of Lianne and DJ. We met Lianne in the previous book, she is the Hollywood star roommate to Bella who spends most of her college life in class or shut in her dorm room playing video games. DJ is the well, DJ for the hockey team and brother of one of the players. The two have always had a mutual attraction between them, but Lianne is nowhere near brave enough to act on it.

After being together for many hockey team events, DJ finally asks out Lianne. But DJ has mistakes from his past coming back to haunt his future, and his days at Harkness are limited. Lianne is dealing with the agent from hell promoting her to due nude scenes and more uncomfortable things, but not supporting her endeavors to break out into new roles. Can these two break past their issues and come together?

 photo page break 2.png

I am so beyond thrilled that Lianne got her own book! The previous book she was so closed off from everyone around her, I’m glad she was able to make new friends and experience new things. DJ was the perfect guy for her, he was sweet without being cheesy, and he genuinely like Lianne for her as a person and not who she was on screen.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I will say my heart went out to DJ in this book for the struggle he went through. It wasn’t an easy or fair situation that he was in but he handled it to the best of his abilities.

Lianne and DJ together were magic, low angst, no bullshit (at least in my opinion) and a huge helping of romance cheese free (my favorite!!). They supported each other the way couples should, they accepted the other for who they were and kept the drama to the minimum… what more could you want from an NA college romance?

Anyways, I adore Sarina Bowen and will read anything she writes. The Ivy Years series is one of the most addictive I’ve read in a long time and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

The Understatement of the Year

The Understatement of the Year (The Ivy Years #3) by Sarina Bowen

4.5 stars!

“Getting along together was never the problem with you and me. We’re both easy. It’s just the rest of the world that’s hard.”

 photo understatement of the year.png

This series keeps getting better and better! The Understatement of the Year is a male/male romance about hockey players Rikker and Graham. This story parallels the second story, following the same timeline but not connecting all too often. When Rikker and Graham were in middle school they were best friends. Entering into high school their feelings developed into something more. The two were headed down a romantic road until a horrible incident separated them, leaving one beaten and broken and the other paralyzed with fear.

“There weren’t any time-outs, though. Not in life, and not in hockey.”

Now about 5 years later Graham is on the hockey team for his school Harkness and a new player just came on board… Rikker. The two haven’t seen each other in years, and for Graham who is deeply in the closet, it’s a full system shock. Rikker was outed at his last deeply conservative college and transferred to Harkness when he was pulled from his other hockey team. Rikker just wants to play hockey and move on with his life, out in the open.

As the year goes on Graham and Rikker confront each other and their buried feelings. Rikker has finally become comfortable with himself, but Graham is spiralling down a dark path and it might be up to Rikker to save him.

“We’d been so close all those years ago. My subconscious just couldn’t get over the idea that we weren’t anymore.”

I think I read this series at exactly the right time. I haven’t read a new adult series that I wanted to devour all at once, and here I am binge reading this one. M/M is one of my favorite genres and this book blended NA with MM perfectly. For those of you hardcore MM fans out there, this one may be a little too sweet, but I loved it. It had the perfect amount of angst for me (buckets full) and Graham’s struggle with who he was is what made this book so special. Yes some gay men struggle with who they are, but Graham was given the worst dose of reality of what could happen at a very young age and it scarred him and fucked him up for a while.

“It turns out that trying to ignore somebody is about the most, exhausting thing in the world.”

One of the more interesting side characters was Skippy and I loved his sass. Especially the scene with him and Rikker’s mom. That one had me literally laughing out loud in public.

I was absorbed in this book from the very first page, I loved seeing the romance play out and how the complications and issues were dealt with. You would think that now, in our time people would be more open minded, but that’s not the case and it makes me sad. Love is love. It’s beautiful. And it’s that simple to me.

So if I haven’t convinced you yet, please go out and read this series.