Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineĀ by Gail Honeyman

4 stars!

I ended up liking this book just FINE.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’ve seen this book around and have always been meaning to read it. My local book club picked it for this month so I decided to finally dive in and I’m glad I did. This had a very slow start and I had to push myself to keep reading. After 90+ pages is when it finally started moving for me which is normally way past my dnf point. There are so many positive reviews, I wanted to see why.

Eleanor is an odd young woman who lives a lonely life, not wanting to change that. When an encounter with a new coworker results in them saving an elderly man on the street, Eleanor finds herself with two new unexpected friends who change her life.

Loved this book because of Eleanor and her journey. Her social awkwardness/rudeness could be at times both alarming and funny. Her perspective on things was often very skewed, but I enjoyed her and this book very much. Eleanor Oliphant is completely unforgettable.