Lovers Like Us

Lovers Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie

3.5 stars 

I always have the hardest time writing 3 star reviews. The book didn’t suck, but it also wasn’t amazing either. Let me put it this way, I started reading this book when it came out on Halloween, and only just now finished it right before Christmas. I liked it enough to finish, but not enough to read in one sitting.

KB Ritchie are among my favorite authors, in fact I think this is the lowest rating I have ever given their books. So while I enjoyed this book to some extent, I am also a bit sad because usually they are 4 or 5 star authors for me.

Lovers Like Us is the second book in the Like Us trilogy, and I really loved the first book but this one dragged on a bit and was very confusing at times. I honestly couldn’t remember everyone’s names in all the extended family and bodyguards, so it was hard for me to assign a look or a personality for each character. There were so many! It felt like work and I read for pleasure, I don’t want it to be work. Opposite of that, I am in love with the Cobalt children and will continue reading this series solely for Jane’s book and for Charlie’s if they come along in the future. Charlie wormed his anti-hero self into my heart and I am dying for that man’s book!

What saved this book for me was the last 40% picked up a lot, whereas the first 60% was slow for me. Lots of banter, staring, not admitting things to each other. It didn’t click with my reading tastes. I wanted a more plot heavy story and got a more dialogue driven one.

As I said I still love the Ritchies and will read anything they read. These are two authors who I wholeheartedly believe need a lot more recognition in the romance and book world. I just won’t be jumping on Alphas Like Us like I normally would a KB Ritchie book.


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