Into the Water

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

1 star

First things first, I want to point out how very rare it is for me to rate a book 1 star. In fact, in the last 5 years, I have read a total of 1,257 books, and only rated 20 of them with a 1 star. That’s 0.015%. So before all of you jump on me, or the trolls come running, know that I just hated this book that much.

I will give this book 1 thing, and 1 thing only: Paula Hawkins is an amazing writer. Her words flow across the page, and it’s why I continued to read this book. The writing basically deceived me into thinking this was better than it was.

I’m going to break down what didn’t work for me:

-the beginning is extremely confusing, multiple POVs and no context of the character. Made it hard to keep track of things.

-This book could have been MUCH shorter, needs a heavy dose of cuts/editing.

-about 170 pages in and there still WAS NO PLOT. I mean, how can you write 170 pages of a book, and not have a coherent plot in place?

-It was about 250 pages in that I began to get irrationally angry that I was reading this book. It wasn’t going anywhere, all the “twists” were obvious. It followed so many cliches.

Basically, to me other than the writing there were no redeeming qualities. I never read Girl on the Train, I only saw the movie, but I can guarantee I won’t be reading anything by this author in the future. She sent me into a rage (it’s rare, but it does happen).


3 thoughts on “Into the Water

  1. Aww, yeah that does suck and you totally explained why this book didn’t work for you in a respectful manner. I’ve been let down a few times with novels but felt less ragey about it because I guilty had to skim to reach the end. My damn curiosity gets the better of me, but I definitely don’t give the author another chance to disappoint me if the almost DNF novel was my first of theirs. I hope your weekend read(s) are a million times more enjoyable to make up for this hugely disappointing read.

  2. Hopefully, I’m not double posting, but I don’t see my original comment yet. Bravo for finishing this rage inducing mystery! You were honest in your critique, and that’s really important and valuable for readers trying to decide on their next read. I’ve had a few that really disappointed me and simply didn’t deliver on the appeal of the synopsis. My tactic is to skim read to finish which always makes me feel hugely guilty, but it is what it is. I hope your weekend read(s) are a million times better to help you forget the hours you invested in this one.

  3. This one was a DNF for me. I just could not get into it. I thought it was my mood and state of mind when I attempted to read that caused my dislike. I guess it wasn’t totally me.

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