A Love Letter to Whiskey

A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner

4 stars!

“You know, they say that Bill Wilson asked for whiskey as his dying wish. The man was dying, at the end of the line, and he wanted the one vice he’d been fighting all his life. Even the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous wanted whiskey on his deathbed.”

B is addicted and her drug of choice is whiskey. She’s not a literal alcoholic, but the man she loves Jamie aka Whiskey, is a man she finds herself addicted to. B meets Jamie in high school and sees the moment he falls for her best friend. Over the years the two remain friends, with something more simmering in the background. But timing was never their strong point, and the two cannot seem to make it work.

Yet B always comes back to Jamie, like an alcoholic with her drink of choice. Then comes the question, succumb to her addiction, or sober up?

“Even when we know something is bad for us, we do it anyway. Maybe for the thrill, maybe to cure our curiosity, or maybe just to lie to ourselves a little longer.”

So this book basically blew up my entire social media when it came out, and I had to say it worked. I was intrigued. I had never heard of Kandi Steiner, but I found myself wanting to take a chance on a new author because so many people were talking about this book. So I took that chance, and I enjoyed every bit of my journey into the lives of these characters.

Reading this book made me want to sip a glass of whiskey, needing a drink to sooth the angst between the two characters. All of my bookish friends know I am an angst whore always looking for my next hit, and this was the whiskey shot of angsty novels. I loved it! I wouldn’t consider this a “love triangle” for those who have heard it is. It’s more a novel of bad timing and characters who cannot get past their own issues. This book is very much about the personal journey each character goes through to get to the place they need to be at.

I devoured this book, drank it whole and I want more! Kandi Steiner, I raise my glass to you for this wonderful story. I cannot wait to read more from you as soon as possible.

“That’s what life’s about. It’s about paddling out and fighting the waves until you find the perfect one to ride home on.”


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