Twisted Palace

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

3 stars!

WARNING! IF YOU HAVENT READ PAPER PRINCESS OR BROKEN PRINCE THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! If you HAVE read those two books, you should be free from spoilers.

Well, this has been an incredible and wild ride and I am so happy to have been a part of it! Every book has been full of twists and turns and Twisted Palace follows in that tradition.

As we discovered at the end of Broken Prince, Brooke has been murdered and Reed is the prime suspect. On top of that, Ella’s father Steve has come back from the dead and shown up on her doorstep. It’s now up to the Royal’s to figure out a way to clear Reed’s name while at the same time managing the gossip around town about them. Along the way they find some unexpected road blocks, and Ella and Reed seek help in unexpected places.

That’s really all I can say without spoilers. I do think fans of the series will devour this book and many will be happy with the series end. I liked that we still had unexpected twists and shocks throughout this final book, the last twenty percent was very thrilling and we receive lots of answers. Ella and Reed together were fantastic, very strong and resilient. They have such faith in each other and their journey from when they met to where they ended up is one full of growth and love.

I enjoyed this book, but it for me it lacked that “OMG” factor the first two inspired in me. It felt as if there was no clear path for a lot of the book, and then everything resolved quickly at the end. There were many points where I was very frustrated with the story. But despite that as I said I enjoyed the end and look forward to more from these two authors, I am beyond excited for a possible book about Easton. (And praying for a book about Wade). (And a book about the twins). YES I KNOW I AM GREEDY! BUT I WANT MORE ROYALS!

ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review


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