Floored by Melanie Harlow

4.25 stars!

“Sexually, I wanted him six days to Sunday. Sixty-nine days to Sunday, in fact, and I wasn’t even a sixty-nine kind of girl. Confession: I was, of course I was. I’d just never acted like it in real life. But I’d do it with Charlie. In a heartbeat. And were there other numbers? I’d do those too.”

Floored begins with Erin upstairs in her shower, getting some much needed alone time. Once she’s done, she realizes she left the backdoor open and was robbed while she was in the shower. She calls the police and who shows up at her door but Charlie Dwyer, a kid who teased and annoyed Erin when they were younger.

Well, Charlie grew up hot and Erin cannot help but notice. And while Charlie is very much into Erin, he makes it clear up front that he’s not looking for anything serious. The two embark on a somewhat friends with benefits kind of scenario, even if that’s not what Erin is like. But one of them is going to get hurt and Erin is bracing for when that day comes.

“Everything ok?” Charlie’s voice came from behind me.
“I already said it was.”
“I know, but you’re standing there holding onto that barre for dear life. I know I’m good, but I don’t think I’ve ever paralyzed a woman before.”

I’ve come to find that Melanie Harlow writes great escape from life kind of stories. From the first page I was completely sucked into the story and wanted to know more about this couple. I knew Charlie had a secret the majority of the book, but I never guessed what it was, even though now looking back they were glaringly obvious.

This book was a lot of fun and I really loved the characters it centered around. Both were unique and flawed but were obviously perfect for each other. And it had more plot than sex which is the main issue I had with Frenched, so this book turned out kind of perfect in my book. I wish it had more angst but to be honest that’s really on me because I am an angst junkie always looking for my next fix.

Cute, fun, and raunchy this is a great read for when you want to escape life for a bit!

“It’s the strangest feeling – to love someone this way.” He slid both hands down the sides of my ribs to the small of my back. “I want to protect you. Cherish you. Worship you.” He gripped my ass hard, pulled me tight to him and spoke right in my ear. “But then I want to fuck you so hard it hurts. Take your body. Claim it. Make it mine.”


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