The Goal

The Goal by Elle Kennedy

4 stars!

“He’s sweet and earnest and clearly has money, whereas I’m bitchy and stressed and live in the gutter.”

So if you haven’t read The Score, my review will have minor spoilers. The Goal is the story of Tucker and Sabrina. We’ve met both in the previous book, Sabrina was portrayed as a raving bitch and Tucker has always been the strong and silent type. The two have an unexpected night of passion, and Tucker is itching for more.

But Sabrina has home issues and life goals that don’t make room for a normal relationship, and she has no interested in dragging Tucker down into the gutter with her. So when an a surprise hits the two of them. Tucker wants to step up but cannot break through all of Sabrina’s walls.

“I’m not the girl for John Tucker and I never will be.”

I really enjoyed this newest book from Elle Kennedy. I think a lot of people won’t like the heroine, but she really didn’t bug me at all. I empathized with her situation and I understood her insecurities based on the horrible way she was raised and the unconditional love missing from her upbringing. Tucker was fantastic, as well all knew he would be. Many a reader will fall for him and make him their next book boyfriend. He was perfect!

The pacing was something that could have been better, the beginning was very slow and then picked up near the middle. If you read The Score this book follows some of the timeline of events in that book and it felt a little bit like a rehash at some points. But I also loved getting to know what was happening with Sabrina and Tucker when none of the characters had noticed it was happening.

The sex scenes between Tucker and Sabrina were hot! I did not expect that from him, his confidence and appeal. I guess it’s true that nice guys are great in the sack! Because Tucker blew me away!! And for the situation that Sabrina ended up in, she picked exactly the right guy because he was there for her and he knew when to back off. Do I wish he was mine? Hell yes! Am I aware he’s fictional? Unfortunately I do have that small level of sanity intact.

Elle Kennedy delivers a great romantic story that readers will love! I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table in the future.

“You’re not alone. And you’re not dragging anyone down. I’m here with you, Sabrina. Every step of the way.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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