Roman Crazy

Roman Crazy by Nina Bocci and Alice Clayton

4 Roman stars!

“It wasn’t love or lust, but something we both recognized as a possibility of something.”

Leaving behind a painful divorce in the states, Avery heads to Rome to forget her problems and spend time relaxing with her best friend. On her first night there she’s shocked to run into someone from her past at a welcome dinner thrown for her. Marcello was a man Avery was involved with when studying abroad in Spain, a man she was never able to forget. But Marcello doesn’t seem very happy to see her, and Avery finds old feelings beginning to surface the more times she spends with him.

“Tell me what happened nine years ago, when you left to go back home and forgot all about Barcelona. And me.”

I’m a long time fan of Alice Clayton and I love new authors so I was beyond excited to read this new book with her and Nina Bocci. Icing on top of the cake? Second chance romance is my favorite of the romantic genres. Bocci and Clayton even one upped this by making it a second chance travel romance which I love even more!

Reading this book I felt like I was transported to Rome, a city I love. I feel the authors nailed the feel of the city and the country of Italy, describing perfectly the scenery and the culture. The food descriptions also made me incredibly hungry, so don’t go into this book with an empty stomach!

This book was so much more than a romance, it was a woman’s journey to find herself after many years of being lost. As much as I loved the romance with Avery and Marcello, I equally loved seeing Avery’s personal growth and her struggles with who she wanted to be after so many years of pushing her true self aside for others. Many women, single, married or divorced can relate to and empathize with Avery’s search for herself.

This book will make you want to fly to Italy and find your own Italian soulmate! I can’t wait to read more from both of these authors, together and separate, in the future.

“For the first time in a very long time, I felt treasured.”

ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review


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