P. S. I Like You

P. S. I Like You by Kasie West

4 stars!

PS I Like You is the You’ve Got Mail of the young adult genre.

^^^Yeah, I said it. But I friggin love the movie You’ve Got Mail and this book came my way at exactly the right time so I was happy to read a cute and predictable YA romance.

PS I Like You is about teenage Lily, a quirky musician who speaks her mind and makes snap decisions. Out of boredom in her Chemistry class, she scribbles some lyrics on her desk and is surprised to see a response the next day. What ensues is a secret passing back and forth of notes between Lily and a mystery person. The more they write, the more they come to understand each other. But when Lily discovers who she’s been writing to, it turns her world upside down and her perceptions of others may be wrong.

Was this book predictable? Hell yes. There’s not doubt about that. But as I said at the beginning this book came at the right time when I needed a sweet escape from reality. I think this is a good book for teens to read because it teaches them there is more to a person than what we all see on the surface. Many times people can make quick judgements without considering all of the possibilities and it’s important to give more consideration.

I thought the passing back and forth of written notes was a cute idea; I am beyond glad this wasn’t two people texting. The letters added a nice touch to the book and was better for the plot than instant messaging or texting. Also, I do wonder if all of the bands mentioned in this book are fictional or real, I should probably look that up.

This wasn’t a full 5 because the ending felt unresolved in some aspects, but I enjoyed reading this book nonetheless. If you want a cute summer YA romantic read, this is the book for you!


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