Change of Heart

Change of Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

5 stars!

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Unbreak My Heart was one of my top favorite books this year, so I was beyond thrilled to see characters I loved in the first book get their own story. And I loved this book just as much as the first!

Ani and Bram have never gotten along. Though Bram was out of the house as an adult when Ani was brought in as a foster kid to his family, the two have always butted heads and snapped at each other. So on a random night Ani finds Bram at a bar, and the two turn their anger into passion. That one night changes everything and the two don’t know what it means, but they know they cannot deny their attraction to each other. So then comes the question, should they stay together? Or will their differences drag them apart?

After loving two Nicole Jacquelyn books in a row, I have a giant girl crush on her. I need to read all of her books as soon as I am able to because this woman knows how to pull out all the feels! It’s like these books have a direct line to my heart, I absolutely love them. This book was thought-provoking, emotional, angsty, loving and heartwarming.

I’ve never been a huge fan of “I hate you/I love you” romance, but Jacquelyn pulled it off effortlessly. I genuinely could tell that Ani and Bram’s mutual dislike came from a deeper place of understanding, they just weren’t able to express their feelings for each other properly, or even recognize them. Being foster siblings it was also interesting to see how dynamics in the family played out and how supportive and accepting everyone in the family was. In a way the novel also displays the importance of giving love and care to older kids instead of just adopting babies.

Another thing, Nicole Jacquelyn writes jerks, but they are jerks that are easy to love. I am not a fan of the asshole hero, but I love her heroes. There’s something very vulnerable about these men, their anger coming from a place inside them that they don’t know how to express. But while they may mess up, they may make the wrong choices, ultimately they shape up and take care of the ones they love, and I absolutely love that in a hero.

So you need to read these books, end of story. I don’t even know why you aren’t reading them now. Can Change of Heart be read as a standalone? Hell yes! What are you waiting for?

ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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