It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

5 stars!

wow. Just…. WOW. Nothing like what I expected.

There’s something a little bit magical about a Colleen Hoover release day. I mean, I woke up early to get to the bookstore to get a paperback. Multiple friends of mine were so happy because they got the book in the mail on release day. Social media blowing up with the cover. You don’t see this kind of reaction with just any author. That’s how you know Hoover has made an impact on the book community.

This is a book that lives up to the hype. Colleen and I have had our ups and downs, the majority of her books I have enjoyed, others were not to my tastes. But believe me when I say this book is her best book to date. I stayed up until 3 am to finish this book and was a broken sobbing MESS and it was so totally worth it. I don’t think I’ve read a book that has had me this conflicted and torn before, it felt like my insides were being squeezed while I was reading.

I went into this book blind, so I won’t say anything about the plot because I believe everyone should go into this book with no spoilers (and I am a spoiler whore so you gotta listen to me). The only slightly spoilerish thing I will say is when I think about this book, I don’t really consider it a romance. There are romantic aspects and the story takes place around a relationship. But I can honestly say this book is more about the meaning of love, and how love can be many different things. Love isn’t always what you expect.

Anyways, I hope you read this. I hope it opens your eyes and your mind. Mostly I hope you love it as much as I did.


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