Stealing Home

Stealing Home-Teaser3

Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

4.5 stars!

“You know how this game works. I know how.”
“You just have to decide if you want to play.”
“Because you have decided?”
“Doc, I’m already playing.”

Nicole Williams is an author that has a special place in my heart, mostly for the Lost and Found series. Because of this I signed up for an arc of this book and I am so glad I did! This is Nicole Williams as we have never seen her before! From the books I’ve read, normally they are sweet on the side of clean. This book was steamy, sexy and hot!

Stealing Home is about Allie, a athletic trainer for the Shock’s baseball team. Eager to keep her new job, she works harder than anyone else to keep the players in shape and medically safe. Luke is the hottest and best player on the team, and he expresses a romantic interest in Allie. But he’s one of the players on the team (not to be mistaken for a playboy) and Allie doesn’t want to risk her job.

Luke. Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke. I friggin love that man!! Was he an alpha hero? No. Did that make him seem weak? Not at all. He’s a trained athlete with a tragic past, and when he saw what he wanted, he went for it. Maybe not right away, he was careful and observed Allie first to make sure she was a good person, but he made up his mind and went for it. I totally fell for Luke, he’s a friggin amazing book boyfriend. But then again, there has yet to be a boy Nicole has written about who isn’t book boyfriend material.

Allie’s internal struggle with the decision to be with Luke, I totally felt for the woman. She’d been hurt in the past and had doubts about her job being affected. I loved her as a heroine and totally related to all that she felt.

If you’re looking for a fun summer romance with an amazing hero, some serious steam and a little bit of angst, this is the book for you!

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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