Up In Flames

Up In Flames by Abbi Glines

3.5 stars

Let me get something off of my chest first. I liked Nan, like REALLY liked her as a character in this book. Well done Abbi for taking the villain and showing her readers the person Nan really is.

“I wanted to be someone’s Harlow. Or Blaire. But I’d always just be Nan. And Nan wasn’t enough. I never had been, and I was done trying to be.”

If you’ve read anything in the Rosemary Beach series, you know who Nan is. She’s the villain, the slut, the bitch. After years of not being wanted, Nan is in the midst of a friends with benefits arrangement with Major, who calls her when he wants but always runs away with the hint of more. Fed up with Major, Nan takes a break and heads to Vegas where she meets Gannon. Gannon is a man, he knows what he wants and he wants Nan, but he remains a mystery and distant.

“She had wanted me. Now she didn’t. That was the hardest thing to accept: not knowing what you have until it’s gone. The fact was, Nan made me laugh. Her haughtiness was a mask she used to cover up the vulnerability underneath. I’d seen it.”

I really loved the inside look we got with Nan in this story. In the past couple of books we had seen glimpses of Nan being redeemable, but here we get all the tidbits we never have before. I have always said Nan’s behavior came from the fact that she was insecure and indeed it did. When you have a mother that terrible and no father to love you, you lash out for attention in any way you can. In this book Nan has finally reached the point where she realizes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and she is treating other characters with kindness, mostly Blaire.

What I was really hoping for in this book was more of a resolution between Nan and all of the other characters and their acceptance of her and unfortunately that didn’t happen. I was really hoping for better relationships with Nan and her two other siblings but Mase didn’t seem open to it and Harlow wasn’t really around. I am hoping maybe this happens in other books to come? Pretty please?

This book wasn’t heavy on the romance, but I like that Nan found her man. He seemed like the perfect fit for her, a man who wouldn’t put up with any bullcrap and it worked! I just wish there has been less of a mob story and more romance.

Nan haters, I dare you to give this a shot!!!

“I didn’t inspire men to want to change for me. Admitting that hurt deeply, but it was something I was coming to terms with.”


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