Trapped by Beverley Kendall

4 stars 
Let me use this review to get on my soap box and preach about the amazingness that is Goodreads. A lot of people talk shit about this website and how it’s only haters on here. I disagree. This website has helped me discover so many new authors and books that I would have never heard of before.

Case in point? This book. If I had not seen this 8 word review by a friend, I would not have read this book. I would have no clue this book existed. So thank you Supreet for your short review!!(…)

Anyways, this book is a trope I love, where the girl gets pregnant, the guy leaves her but then comes back wanting forgiveness. I felt this book was very well done, I didn’t see either parent making bad decisions once dad came back in the picture, everything that was done was done with the intention for what was best for the child. No keeping the kid from one parent or using her for advantages. Both parents had the child in mind.

It’s also so wonderfully angsty!!!! Omg, I ate it up! I do wish Paige had made Mitch work for forgiveness a little bit more, because I am a huge fan of groveling. But honestly the author did a great job with this one. I need more of my book friends to read this author and this book!


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