The Spiral Down

The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

5 stars! 
“I was so high on this man I wasn’t sure I’d ever come back down.”

Okay Aly Martinez fans… I get it now. I totally get it. After reading two books by this author which really weren’t to my reading tastes, I decided to take another chance on this one, because well… MM romance is my weakness. I eat it up! And this book was so worth the risk!!

This is the story of pop star Henry and young pilot Evan. Henry is an openly gay superstar and has a type: straight men. Evan is a pilot going through a recent break up with his girlfriend he didn’t love. The two meet when Henry’s private pilot can’t fly due to medical problems and Evan steps in.

“I have millions of fans. But it’s the people who get to know me who leave. It always happens.”

Even thought I dnf’d the previous book in this duet, I still read enough to be curious about the character Henry. He has a unique sense of humor but I loved it. Henry is such a vulnerable man, looking for love in all the wrong places. Evan has been burned in the past with love and he has his own set of rules when it comes to relationships. He has no interest in anything with Henry, at first. But Henry’s persistence wore him down.

This book was HAWT. HOT HOT HOT. You can feel the intensity leaking off of every page. With this came the most delicious angst that I ate right up. Basically, this book had my name on it. Loud and clear, I just couldn’t see it for a while.

Anyways, this book was great and I am so glad I took a chance on it after not loving other books by this author. This shows her talent as an author and that she’s diverse in her writing and doesn’t stick to the same story/style which I can respect.

“This doesn’t make you gay. It just makes you mine.”


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