One True Loves

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

4.5 stars!

“Good things don’t wait until you’re ready. Sometimes they come right before, when you’re almost there.”

Emma and Jesse were high school sweethearts who lived an adventurous and happy life. In their twenties they married and fully expected to be together forever. But fate intervenes when a year into their marriage Jesse is lost at sea from a helicopter crash and presumed dead by everyone.

Three years later and Emma has moved on, her life is completely different. She lives on the east coast instead of LA, a career as a travel writer has changed into one of a bookstore owner. And Emma is engaged to Sam, an old family friend and is blissfully happy in a way she never expected to be ever again.

Then Emma gets a call and finds out Jesse survived. Thus brings on the question, do we only have one true love?

“You can’t be loyal to two people. You can’t yearn for two dreams.”

Taylor Jenkins Reid never pulls back her punches. I always approach her books with trepidation because so far every single one I have read by her has made me cry. This book was no exception. About 25% in I already had tears in my eyes.

Despite being essentially a love triangle I really enjoyed this book. The characters are relatable and tangible. It really makes you wonder how you yourself would react if you were in a similar situation as Emma, or one of her guys. This book was more about Emma’s own journey and her self discovery of the person she wanted to be, more than just a simple love triangle in a romance book.

The one thing I would have hoped for more from this book was a balance between the two men. By this we got to read more about one man and his effect on Emma and the other a little bit less. I would have liked to see more of Emma’s story with the other guy, as I feel it would have provided more insight into their relationship.

Thought provoking and charming, One True Loves is memorable experience and a delight to sink one’s teeth into. A poignant book about the meaning of a soulmate and whether we are destined in life to have more than one true love.

“When you love someone, it seeps out of everything you do, it bleeds into everything you say, it becomes so ever present and ubiquitous, that eventually it becomes ordinary to hear, no matter how extraordinary it is to feel.”

ARC provided by publisher via edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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