Out of Nowhere

Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish

4.25 stars

“I think sometimes the people we get angriest with are the ones who have the things we want the most.”

 photo out of nowhere.jpg

Out of Nowhere is the second book in the Middle of Somewhere series. I highly recommend reading the first book In the Middle of Somewhere, before reading this one because while it’s not the same characters, many things that happen come into play in this book.

This book is the story of Colin and Rafe. Colin is the brother of Daniel in the previous book and a sort of villain in the first book. At the end of the first book as readers we discovered Colin was gay, much to the shock of his also gay younger brother. In Out of Nowhere we start a little before the events involving Colin in the first book and see his side of things.

Colin and Rafe meet when Rafe saves him from a beating in an alley. Rafe, concerned for Colin and his wellbeing tracks him down to check on him. Colin ends up helping Rafe out at a Youth Alliance, and the two become friends and eventually, more.

Roan Parrish writes the best character driven gay novels. In a genre that sometimes is focused mostly on the steam factor, she delivers characters a reader cares about and can relate or at least empathize with. I’m a sucker for a character driven novel, so I’m telling the truth when I say I will read anything this author writes.

Colin was a tough character to read, he was so filled with self loathing and the inability to cope with his feelings. Based on the way he was raised, I can totally understand where Colin was coming from. I’m not saying his past actions are justifiable, but when you are terrified that the one person you want approval from will reject you for who you are, it can really take it’s toll psychologically.

I loved seeing Colin’s journey, that was the primary focus. But Rafe remains a mystery to me still. For a long time in the book I had no clue what he even saw in Colin, why he fought so hard to break through to him. There are some parts where I wish we could have known what he was thinking.

Overall this is a story that I think will stick with me for a long time. In modern times we figure everyone has gotten over the past bigoted views on the LGBT community, but we see here that many people are still suffering from the shame of being gay.

“There should be a word for living a life so different from anything you ever thought was possible that you don’t even recognize yourself in it.”


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