The Player and the Pixie

The Player and the Pixie by LH Cosway and Penny Reid

5 Bubs stars!

So, I’ve had a hard time trying to write a review for this book. Not because I didn’t like it, in fact it’s the complete opposite. I am flabbergasted by how much I loved this book. I’m a fan of both authors of this book, and I enjoyed The Hooker and the Hermit, so when I fell in love with this book, it hit me harder than expected.

The Player and the Pixie is the story of Lucy, Ronan’s sister, and Sean the wretched member of Ronan’s rugby team. Lucy is a free spirit, she has rainbow hair and goes on yoga retreats. But her mother has a detrimental effect on Lucy’s mental health and as time goes by it only grows the more time they spend together. Sean is the jerk of the rugby team; he’s abrasive, rude and arrogant. But there’s more to him than meets the eye, and Lucy is the one to see through to his softer parts.

Lucy and Sean have a mutual attraction and find comfort in each other despite their differences. But with the loathsome relationship between Ronan and Sean, there is no hope for a long term relationship or even a public one without a huge fallout. So can Lucy risk her family for Sean? Or can Sean fight for the woman he wants or let her go?

First off, both main characters in this book are flippin fantastic. There was so much self-discovery going on, a lot of internal feelings the reader got to know and it made me love them. Lucy as a heroine was so relatable and cute, and I honestly wanted rainbow hair after reading this (still considering it). But Sean. Oh my god, Sean, Sean, SEAN! I fell in love with a fictional character. I’m not exaggerating! There’s something about a man who is vulnerable but doesn’t want to show it that just gets all the female in me wanting to hold him and make it better.

I loved Sean’s insecurities and lack of confidence. He internalized so much of it to the point where his only defense mechanism was to lash out at other people before they got so close. Lucy saw through this, and for that I wanted to high five her so dang much. The attraction between Lucy and Sean was smokin’ hot, and from the beginning the relationship they embarked on was based on trust and respect for the other. No shaming, only understanding.

I can already say this is one of my top favorite reads of the year, no exaggerating. Sometimes in this genre when you read a book, it feels like authors are writing only to make a buck. This book is the ANTI of that statement, and so full of heart I felt like mine was going to explode. So if you get a chance, read it. You won’t regret it.

ARC kindly provided by Penny Reid in exchange for an honest review


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