Dirty by Kylie Scott

3.5 stars

“I’m not that asshole, picking and choosing which bits of you suit him and expecting you to change the rest. I’m into you, Lydia. All of you.”

So again I appear to be the wildcard when it comes to books everyone loves. I adore Kylie Scott, I think she’s a wonderful author and person and I will read anything she ever has to write without question. So while I didn’t love this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and there were so many parts that were absolutely splendid.

Dirty is the story of Lydia, and we meet her first as she’s running from her wedding day. Lydia obtained some disturbing news about her fiancé which causes her to flee. Running as far away as next door, Lydia finds herself in Vaughn’s bathroom, where he finds her in the bathtub. Vaughn is home from on the road, a musician in limbo not sure what his next gig will be. The two have an instant attraction, but neither one of them is sure where their future lies in the balance of things. Vaughn knows he isn’t staying and Lydia knows she needs a new life plan.

As a last minute thing, Lydia and Vaughn end up taking shifts at Vaughn’s sister’s bar. Here we meet many new characters, all of whom I hope are getting their own books. And as time ticks down Vaughn and Lydia find they need to face their own future, whether it be together or separate.

“Look up ‘hot’ in the dictionary and there’ll be Vaughn, making eyes at you from the page.”

Kylie Scott never fails to entertain in her books. I always find myself reaching for her books when I’m in a slump or feeling sad because she has such a way with words and the magical powers of making me smile whenever. I loved the start of Vaughn and Lydia’s relationship, how they met was just so damn humorous and unique, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them a little bit.

What didn’t work as much for me was near the end of the book, I didn’t see how Vaughn and Lydia’s short time together could merit such strong angsty feelings with being separated. Sure they were attracted to each other, in fact Vaughn was obsessed with Lydia’s boobs, but I found myself more interested in what was happening with the side characters near the end of the book than what was happening with Vaughn and Lydia. The secondary characters took over the second half of the book and while I loved that, I felt Lydia and Vaughn could have used a bit more relationship development for my reader tastes. But I honestly think I am alone in this opinion, so please please please read it and make up your own minds.
And I am ridiculously excited for the next book in the series! Just had to put that out there.

“It might sound all Oprah, but my happiness needed to come from me. I knew that now.”

ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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