Collared by Nicole Williams

***Beware, review does contain spoilers!!!***

4 stars!

“I’ve come to accept that what we love makes us weak. I’ve learned something else on my own though, ever since becoming a prisoner of this black room–what we love is what kills us too.”

When Jade is seventeen she is abducted and vanishes without a trace. A decade later, she is found and returned to her family, but her struggle doesn’t end here. Jade comes back to a changed household with family members she barely knows anymore. The only person who hasn’t changed the way they treat her was her boyfriend Torrin. But Torrin has also changed, and as much as he tries he cannot single handedly save Jade. It’s something she must do herself.

Nicole Williams is an author who always knows how to pack an emotional punch. I was a bit hesitant to go into this book because abduction stories are very intense, but I feel Williams handled the subject matter in this book eloquently and in a believable manner.

“How much longer are you going to let him keep you chained away from doing the things you want to do and being with the people you want to be with?”

Jade was an interesting character. I felt for her so much of this book, I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of that decade, the loss of hope. But she was strong in her own way. By that I mean she wasn’t always strong but she still tried. Even when she felt like giving up, she would regroup and make an effort again, sometimes on her own and other times with the help of family and friend.

There was one thing I really didn’t care for and I’m going to spoiler tag it, so read at your own risk. I didn’t like it for personal reasons more than anything, so I blame myself for not liking it.



I really did not get the whole Torrin becomes a priest bit. Not at all. Maybe because I am a non-religious or not spiritual in any way, I just cannot comprehend how this man doesn’t give up on the love of his life being alive, yet becomes a frickin priest. I wasn’t convinced or sold on that aspect at all in the story and that’s why it’s not a perfect 5 star read for me. Personally I would have LOVED this book if only not for that reason. End of rant.

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”


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