Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1

Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

5 stars!

So I recently watched the Netflix show, and loved it so much so I watched it twice in a row. I had never heard of Jessica Jones before viewing, and I wanted to know more. My local library had this series available and I took a chance and I fell in love with it!

Alias is about Jessica, a former superhero named Jewel, who is now a private investigator. On her most recent case she is set up by her client to accidentally discover the secret identity of another superhero, and it puts her life in danger (and that’s all I’ll say).

Normally when I read graphic novels, I am a naughty reader and I skim. Yes it’s awful I know, but I didn’t skim once when reading this book. I was enthralled from beginning until end. I love the grittiness of Jessica’s world and the mix of superhero and normalness.

Plus I love her attitude:
 photo Untitled_3.png

I will say the show spoiled me on romance with Jessica and Luke Cage because there was none of that in this. We only got a glimpse of Luke and I didn’t like what I met. Onto the next book!


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