One Day Soon

WARNING!!! THERE BE SPOILERS IN MY REVIEW! To read my review with spoiler tags, go to my  Goodreads page here

One Day Soon by A. Meredith Walters

4 stars!

“A happy story doesn’t always have a happy ending.”

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One Day Soon is the story of Imi and Yoss. When they were teens they loved each other fiercely and would have done anything for the other. Yoss was Imi’s protector as well as her everything. Imi was a bright light in Yoss’s horrible life. But not all young love stories work out and the two were separated for fifteen years.

Imi and Yoss are reunited as adults in their early thirties a horrible incident and coincidence. Despite their mutual hurt, there is still a connection between them and a strong desire to spend time together. But decisions from the past haunt their present, and the two must fight against impossible odds to stay together.

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I have been recommended books by this author by many friends, but haven’t read them yet (my bad, I will be changing this soon!). I loved Walter’s writing style, I couldn’t put the book down, even when confronted with difficult subject matter.

I also loved that this was a unique love story in terms of plot, I haven’t read any others like it and it was refreshing to read something different from the generic romance or new adult novel. I ended up staying up really late just to finish reading this book because I had to know what happened! There were also some possible tears. Maybe. (Okay yeah I cried a little bit).

Can I also just say I have so much cover love for this book? It’s gorgeous!

“You’re not the same. Neither of us are. But I know that I will love the man as much as I loved the boy.”

I found it a little bit hard to understand Imi and her choices. I found her reasons for homelessness were not enough. Her mom ignored her, but at least she wasn’t beating her like other characters. I felt the ending was rushed. The fairy tale way it ended was nice, but I felt there were still unresolved issues between the two main characters:  such as Yoss wanting to support himself and not mooch off of Imi. He was so adamant about it before, yet 3 years later everything is okay? Basically there were still some blanks I felt needed to be filled in.

And I almost never note this, but because my copy was a purchased one and not an ARC I will. There were several editing mistakes that really irked me, because they took me out of the story while I was reading it. It disrupted the flow of the novel for me, and I really hope they get fixed. (This did not affect my rating in any way).

“But if I can’t have that dream with you, will you live it anyway?”


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