He Will Be My Ruin

He Will Be My Ruin by KA Tucker

2.5 stars

***Unpopular opinion alert!!!***

Whelp it’s safe to say mystery/suspense really ain’t my genre. And in fact I remember being pissed I got denied on the arc for this book (which now I see as a blessing in disguise) because I actually do love KA Tucker. One of her book covers is on my phone! If that’s not author love I don’t know what is. But it looks like I love her contemporary romance books and not her mystery ones.

Anyways, He Will Be My Ruin is the story of Maggie, a wealthy girl who works for nonprofits. When she receives news that her best friend has died, she travels to NYC to go through her things and clear up the estate. While doing this, Maggie becomes more and more convinced her friend was murdered, and she begins investigating her friends final months.

So the first half of this book was a solid 4-5 star rating. But about midway through I had started to lose interest and really just wanted to smack both main characters, dead and alive. Plus every time Maggie went to the cops with her “clues” I imagined this:

Plus the more we found out about Celine’s secret life the more ridiculous it became. I had a hard time believing a lot of it.

The ending was extremely unsatisfying and disappointing. I feel the author could have done a lot better with tying every thing up as it felt very rushed after hundreds of pages of build up. But then again most mystery novels are like that and it’s probably why I don’t care for them.

Wilcard reader out!


One thought on “He Will Be My Ruin

  1. I am sorry that this one didn’t work well for you. This was the first K.A. Tucker book that I read and while I wasn’t blown away by it, I did enjoy it. I will definitely have to try more from this author in the future. Great review!

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