Getting Him Back

Getting Him Back by K. A. Mitchell

3 stars 
Ethan is excited to join his high school boyfriend at college, so he’s blindsided when his boyfriend breaks up with him on day one. Heart broken, Ethan decides to get him back, and tries to get information from his ex’s roommate to gain some insight. What Ethan doesn’t expect is to start developing feelings of the sexual kind for Wyatt, the roommate.

I enjoyed this sweet MM romance book, but I didn’t love. I found it hard to believe that after Ethan was so determined to get his boyfriend back, just to fall for another guy almost immediately (it was a matter of weeks after having been with the same guy for years). What ensued was a fairly sweet relationship development between Ethan and Wyatt with very minor issues between the two.

3 star reads are the hardest to review because while I enjoyed it, there’s nothing to love or be upset about. It just is. I guess I hoped to feel a bit more from this one, but it was very low angst and like I said, any issues were very minor. And while there wasn’t a cliffhanger the story wasn’t over, and I probably won’t continue reading this couple.

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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