Rebel Spring

Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

4.5 stars!

“Evil is a choice one makes, not a natural state of being.”

So I don’t usually do this, but this review is going to be told mostly in gifs. To be more specific, Mean Girls gifs. AWWWW YEAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Me while reading this series:

After the events of the previous book, three kingdoms have become one under the rule of the tyrant King Gaius. The land has transformed into one where no one is safe and survival is not easy. The king has become crazy with the notion that magic will further his power and he is doing everything he can to work magic into his own plans.

Jonas has become the leader of the rebellion against King Gaius who was once his ally. He got better in this book than the last but he seemed to make some decisions.
This was Jonas throughout the book with his revenge plans:

Lucia spends the majority of her time in a powerful sleep (aka coma) and also struggles with the attentions of Magnus.

I am joining Jasmine and Christine in the I Hate Lucia club of which I declare myself the treasurer.
Seriously this gif describes her perfectly:

Magnus oh that beautiful man.

So tortured and misunderstood by those around him. He keeps an ice cold facade and keeps everyone at an arm’s length.

Meanwhile Cleo is dealing with the destruction of her kingdom. She is literally left at the whims of the King and others, a prisoner in her own home.

^^this was the most relevant gif I could find (and no Cleo is not a slut).

Anyways I am totally binging this series and you all need to read it too.

“Sometimes, to regain sanity, one had to acknowledge and embrace the madness.”


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