Games of the Heart

Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley

3.5 stars!

“I read your diaries. I caught your pass in that hotel room. I listened to your offer to stay. I saw you wave good-bye at the airport and got your call before I’d pulled out of the parking lot. You fell with a kiss. I know, honey, because I was right there with you.”

Mike Haines and Dusty Holliday knew each other growing up. Twenty years ago Dusty went through a hard time and moved away to Texas, and only a family tragedy brings her back. Mike and Dusty reconnect at her brother’s funeral and it turns into something more.

The two start off good, but after being burned twice Mike is cautious. So cautious in fact, he makes assumptions and messes up. Now it’s up to Mike to make amends and get back The One.

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“You gonna order me to kiss you so I can get all tingly or are you just gonna stare at me?”

The Burg series doesn’t seem to be my brand of KA. Book 2 with Violet and Joe was amazing but so far it’s been okay. I did enjoy this book, but having read 25+ Kristen Ashley books already, she’s written more special books and she’s written better ones.

My main issue with this book was too much descriptions of things and scenarios, and not enough actual scenarios happening. It was like most of the action was hypothetical. The action did come in but only near the end and after everyone had spent the entire book talking about leading up to it. I love KA but I am also getting a little bit tired of the outfit descriptions.

What I did like was the romance between Dusty’s nephew and Mike’s daughter. I honestly wish that was its own book instead of a side plot. I liked Dusty and Mike together, they were sweet but the angst was a little low. Too much sunshine and rainbows for me.

Again, I did enjoy this book, but possibly having read so many KA books already this one didn’t jump out at me. And I’m scared to read the next one based on friend reviews lol.

“I’m sayin’ that I care about you, I do it deeply and I have for a really fuckin’ long time. We’re gonna explore this and I hope to God the feelin’ I got is not wrong because I tried time and again to make it feel wrong but all it ever felt was right.”


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