Love Hacked

Love Hacked by Penny Reid

5 stars!

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“There is boring. There is sensational. There is mediocre. There is lazy. There is good. There is evil. People do implausible things all the time, and they run the gamut of moderately weird to truly extraordinary. But there is no normal. The world is an unbelievable place full of unbelievable people doing unbelievable things.”

So, I kind of adore this book. I’m really kicking myself now for having put of reading it, I have no clue why I did. Love Hacked is my favorite of the Knitting series so far and unexpectedly blew me away!!!

This is the story of Sandra and Alex. Sandra has gone on a number of unsuccessful dates over the past three years, mostly with her dates ending up sobbing based on the personal issues unearthed. Most of her dates take place at an Indian restaurant where Alex works as a waiter. After her most recent date fails, Alex sits down and takes his place, but remains a mystery to Sandra. The two have an obvious connection, but Sandra has her doubts about Alex and how he’s so quiet about himself. Despite this, the two find themselves thrown together more often than not and tentatively forge a relationship.

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“When I was younger, I wanted plenty of things, plenty of people, until I realized there was no point in wanting. Since then, I’ve never had something I wanted, not really. Not ’til you.”

I loved the back and forth between Alex and Sandra. The two were so different and yet seemed so perfect together. Alex is an extremely intelligent individual and he wouldn’t fall for a dumb girl or a fake one. I loved Sandra in this book and her low bullshit meter. She fought hard for him, believed in him and didn’t judge him too harshly. In return Alex did his best to take care of Sandra despite his trust issues and more.

I also loved the intelligent sense of humor in this book. Lots of Star Wars references that made me smile. Much of the banter had me cracking up as well. Alex and Sandra had a great push and pull relationship but neither went too far. I also was impressed with the age difference, personally at 26 I would have a hard time dating a 21 year old guy, so I can kind of identify with Sandra’s struggle with the 6-7 year age difference between them, but ultimately age didn’t matter. It really was the case of loving someone for who they are despite differences.

So again, like I already said, I loved this book. Loved the characters, story, angst and more and I highly recommend!

“You’ve shown me joy where before I saw only despair. You’ve taught me hope where before I knew only hopelessness. I may be broken, but all my pieces are yours. And I’ll work every day of my life to deserve you.”


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