The Offer

The Offer by Karina Halle

5 No regrets stars!

“People like to hold onto their ideas of what you are and who you are. They put you in a box and no matter how hard you try to show them what you’re really like, they can’t wrap their heads around it. They won’t. They only want you to be a certain way, the way they see you.”

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Talk about a book that sneaks up on you and pulls at your heartstrings! The Offer is a standalone follow up to the bookThe Pact and centers on Bram and Nicola. Nicola is Steph’s best friend and Bram is Linden’s brother. At Linden and Steph’s wedding, the two have a moment but it’s lost the minute Bram realizes Nicola has responsibilities.

Later Nicola falls on some hard times personally and financially. Looking to turn over a new leaf in life, Bram makes Nicola and offer she cannot refuse, a free place to live for her and her daughter in his apartment building. Despite this act of kindness, Nicola is still untrusting of Bram and his wild boy ways. But soon, Bram worms his way into her life, her daughter’s life, and both of their hearts.

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I’m not normally a fan of the single mother romance, normally there is too much cheese present in those kinds of plots. This wasn’t an issue with this book, with Karina Halle reminding me yet again why she is one of my favorite authors. Nicola was a strong mother who was full of pride, she never took handouts unless absolutely necessary to her daughter’s’ well being.

I loved Bram, and to be honest I didn’t think I would. Yes, he’s a cocky manwhore but he really did change for the better in this book. I cannot imagine how he felt to never be taken seriously when he was making the effort, not by friends and most hurtful of all, his family. Nicola seemed to be the only one who really saw the changes he was making, despite keeping herself at a distance for as long as she could.

“Sometimes I feel life is just one episode after another of trying to find another way. I wonder what happens when you discover there is no other way this time.”

So let’s just say Bram lives up to his hype…. in bed.

All of the Bram-ism’s were hysterical, most of all Ava’s little Bram song. Every time she sang it I was cracking up.

I loved the romance between these two unlikely characters, the slow build of their relationship, the trust and love that developed between them. No instalove, nothing cheesy, and just the right amount of angst. Everything I look for in my romance novels.

I cannot wait to read the next book The Play!

“Sometimes it’s the easiest, most simple things in life that bring you the most joy. The good, pure kind of joy that just makes you feel human and proud of it.”


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