Child Star Pt. 1

Child Star Part 1 by JJ McAvoy

4.5 stars!

“Even after all of these years, Amelia London was still my kryptonite, and she still didn’t know it.”

Well I am stumped. I’ve never read a book by JJ McAvoy and I am filled with regret and shame for not having done so.

Child Star Pt. 1 is the first in a 3 part novella series and as far as I know the whole series is written, so wait times for releases shouldn’t be too horrible. This book is the story of Amelia London and Noah Sloane, both grew up as child actors on the same show and when they hit their teens they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Noah was Amelia’s first everything: first kiss, first time and first love, until he ruined it all by publicly cheating on her. Since then Amelia has become America’s sweetheart and Noah has become the famous bad boy. Both of their careers are not where they wanted them to be by their mid twenties, and when they are both offered roles in a new movie titled Sinners Like Us.

For Noah, the role is a shoe-in. He’s already proved himself as a Hollywood playboy, just getting out of rehab and screwing receptionists in hotel bathrooms. For Amelia, this role is a stretch. She’s the good girl and playing a vixen is a role she has yet to conquer. But the mutual hatred for each other fuels the actors into delivering an explosive performance, and old feelings come back to the surface.

“I’m so broken I don’t even know where to begin to piece myself together. So how do I look at you, let alone love you, when I can’t even love myself?”

I gotta say this one blew me away. I’m not normally a huge fan of the novella format but JJ McAvoy packed a lot into only 95 pages. I was hooked from the first page! Sneaking peeks in the bathroom at work, waiting in the checkout line in the grocery store, pretty much any spare minute I got. (At a friend’s birthday dinner too but let’s not go there).

I love second chance romances, the idea that feelings for another person can remain true over the years despite other life experiences getting in the way. I’m not normally a fan of men who have done wrong by the heroine in the past, but reading from Noah’s perspective and feeling what he felt convinced me that he is the perfect guy for Amelia, even if he himself is not so perfect.

I loved Amelia and how for her this movie was a chance to prove herself, to step outside of her comfort zone and to deliver an amazing performance. I felt like this journey for her was a growing experience and opened her eyes to what she is capable of. And as for her and Noah I think she’s the perfect girl to fight for what she wants and needs.

I will agree that the ending escalated quite fast, but I am willing to see where this goes. Oh, and that sex scene tho? How DAMN. That’s all I’ll say. I am dying to read the next book already!!!

“One day I was going to wake up, look at myself in the mirror and see a decent guy… just not today.”

Arc kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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