Forever With You

Forever with You (Wait for You #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5 stars!!

 photo forever with you.png

I love Jennifer’s books, it’s pretty darn obvious. So when I met her in Vegas and received this arc I was on Cloud Fucking 9. I even started reading it on the drive back to LA that night! (but then it got dark so I had to wait). Even better this is Stephanie and Nick’s story!!!

So since I read this in July and am just now reviewing in September, I will do my best to do it justice.

Stephanie moved to a new town to start as an assistant at her dream job. One night she hits up the local bar where she meets sexy bartender Nick. Both of them indulge in a hot one night stand that leaves them wanting more, but neither one of them are willing to admit it, at least at first. As time goes by the two are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, and they begin to explore the idea of a relationship together.

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It took me a moment but when I started reading I realized Stephanie had been present in the series all along, she even had some sexy times with our favorite heroes before they found their girls. I love that JLA took “the slutty girl” and instead of shaming her, showed us everything there was to know about her. Stephanie is a strong woman who enjoys sex, and she doesn’t feel shame in that. Yet there is also a vulnerable side to her that shows she doesn’t like being set apart.

Nick was kind of a dick at first (just a little bit) but Stephanie called him on his crap and I loved it. As the book went on I fell in love with Nick alongside Stephanie, because once he opened up and showed who he was on the inside, we all saw the sweet and wonderful man that he was covering up. I want a hot bartender of my own now!!!

As per usual, JLA brought out all of the feels in this one and it’s the reason I always turn to her books for something to read. Plus, this book can honestly be read as a standalone, reading the previous 4 books is helpful (and they are awesome so you should) but this book can be easily read on its own.

ARC kindly provided via author at the LoveNVegas book event


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