The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother (Five Hundred Kingdoms #1) by Mercedes Lackey

3 Tradition stars!

“Once the blinders are off, it’s rather hard to go back to seeing things the way you used to.”

So, before I read romance I was a huge fantasy reader. And basically from the years 2000-2010 I was devouring anything Mercedes Lackey. She’s fantastic! In this newer series by her, she twists known fairy tales into new retellings and creates an interesting new premise.

When Elena (Ella Cinders) reaches the age of 21 she had lost hope that her prince (or any man) would come to her rescue from her evil stepmother and stepsisters. When she looks to the servant market to find work, she is picked up by a fairy godmother and recruited to a new cause. Because her prince was not appropriate for her (a good 10 year age difference 11 years of age versus 21), Elena’s Tradition never played out according to plan. But by becoming a Fairy Godmother she could help others affected by magic and Tradition.

“…for a country whose people ceased to believe in magic soon lost much of their ability to imagine and dream, and before long, they ceased to believe–or hope– for anything.”

This wasn’t my favorite book by Lackey but I enjoyed the premise and the idea of everything quite a bit. I loved the first half of the book but when Alexander came in I lost interest. And as a love interest you would think he’d be interesting (but he wasn’t). And the book was way too long, there were lots of parts that could have been edited out.

But I love Lackey’s writing style and her brain. I found it hilarious that the unicorns were like big dumb dogs in this and yearned to be petted by virgins. So dang funny. And Elena as a character was interesting but needed a bit more development.

So a great return to the fantasy genre and to Lackey, I will continue to read this series but this first book did not wow me like her other books have in the past.


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