Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts (Hearts #2) by Claire Contreras

4 stars!

“You only need one person to believe in you, even if that person is yourself.”

 photo paper hearts.png

**Note: Paper Hearts must be read after Torn Hearts (1.5) which is included in the ebook. Mia and Jensen were post high school sweethearts. When Jensen was an outcast Mia saw him for who he was and loved him. When Jensen left for New York to pursue his dreams he made a mistake that ripped him and Mia apart for years.

Five years later and Mia has accepted a photographer job in New York at the same magazine where Jensen works as a writer. Despite her every effort to keep him out, Jensen is determined to get himself back into Mia’s life. But Mia cannot bring herself to trust Jensen despite their feelings for each other, and soon it may be Mia breaking Jensen’s Heart.

 photo real love never ends.png

I love angsty reads and second chance romance and this book was the best of both of those worlds. On top of being a romance, this book focused on finding one’s own place in life as well as the importance of family. I loved Jensen, he knew he had messed up, but he didn’t give up hope that he would end up with his soulmate. His determination to get Mia back was everything.

Mia had her world broken apart so it was hard for her to sort out her feelings on everything. She wasn’t always the nicest person to Jensen, but after holding in her anger for five years she let it out. To be fair, he did somewhat ruin their planned future with each other and it devastated her. Once someone’s trust is lost, it’s that much harder to gain it back.

Claire Contreras is a very talented author. Every book I’ve read by her packs a bunch of feels and sends the reader on an emotional yet heartwarming journey. I loved her inclusion of real reader questions in the book, it added a level of authenticity that made the answers so much more genuine. I also loved all of the side characters, and I’m hoping for an M/M novella about the story of Rob and Juan Pablo. Please? Pretty please, Claire?

“I used to wonder what I would do if I had the chance to go back in time and right something. Would I take it? Would I look at it as a second opportunity, or would I just let it go, knowing the experiences I went through and learned from?”


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