Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny Reid

6 “gah right in the feels” stars!

“I don’t want a beautiful week with you. I want a beautiful lifetime.”

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I LOVED THIS SERIES!! Something about it just fit my preferences perfectly. I am always on the lookout for books that have the right kind of angst and this was the perfect fit!

Capture begins a few months after Martin and Kaitlyn have broken up with no contact at all between either of them. Kaitlyn has taken a semester off of school and taken up a job as a piano player in a group and another job as a barista. She didn’t want her parents to support her, so she’s doing in on her own. Kaitlyn wanted time to discover herself and what she wanted since she had been repressed for so long.

“I wanted to explore this part of myself for me, not in spite of or because of another person. If I was going to change my style or add to it, I wanted to do it because of how it made me feel. Not because I wanted to make someone else feel better or view me differently.”

About 8-9 months after last seeing Martin, Kaitlyn runs into him at an event. Things are a bit awkward and she leaves thinking that was her closure. But soon after Martin appears back in her life saying he wants to be friends. So as friends, around the holidays Kaitlyn stays with Martin in his apartment in New York while working at parties. But as she spends more time with Martin, Kaitlyn realizes she cannot just be friends, but can they go back to being something more?

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I think I’ve been a bit obvious about how much I love these books, and I did! I get that they’re not for everyone, but they worked for me. I loved that it wasn’t just a romance but was about two people discovering new things about themselves and having it change their lives. If Kaitlyn had never met Martin, she may have not followed her dreams and kept everything to a scientific level.

I also tend to love angst brought on by misunderstandings so I loved reading in this book how clueless Kaitlyn was. I thought it was kind of cute (but maybe because I am a bit clueless with men myself). I liked that this book was about the two of them getting to know each other and learning their motivations for previous actions in the past books. Like where they were right and where one or both of them went wrong. A week wasn’t enough to build a lasting relationship foundation, but in this book they had the time to learn more about each other.

“Maybe love, at its essence, is being a mirror for another person—for the good parts and the bad. Perhaps love is simply finding that one person who sees you clearly, cares for you deeply, challenges you and supports you, and subsequently helps you see and be your true self.”

Overall, this is my favorite series of 2015. I loved all three books (which is rare) and I got to devour them all at once. Like seriously, I was at a concert last night so I switched my kindle phone app to the black setting and hid my phone and was reading this at a concert. A Deftones concert. (Look them up, that wasn’t easy). Granted I was waiting for Incubus to come on but still!


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