The Shameless Hour

The Shameless Hour (The Ivy Years #4) by Sarina Bowen

5 stars!

“It’s hard to admit you’re just in someone’s periphery when you imagined you were closer to the center of their world.”

 photo the shameless hour.png

Sarina Bowen just keeps getting better and better! The Shameless Hour is the story of Bella and Rafe. Bella is the free loving college senior and manager of the hockey team. She loves sex and isn’t afraid to admit it. Rafe is a sophomore on the verge of losing his virginity to his girlfriend, until the break up on the same night of the sleep together plan. Bella and Rafe live in the same dorm, and when Bella finds a distraught Rafe, she gets drunk with him. One thing leads to another and the two spend an explosive evening together. But the next morning Rafe panics, and leaves Bella wondering what went wrong.

As the school year passes the two remain friends and grow closer. Until a horrible night wrecks Bella and rips away her confidence, and Rafe is the one to pick up the pieces.

“You’re not okay. And I’m the one who noticed.”

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Sarina Bowen has found a forever fan in me. I basically binge read this entire series so far and cannot wait for the 5th book about Lianne. Also, I have a gigantic soft spot for any romances where the woman is the one that’s more experienced and the guy isn’t. If I have to read one more goddamn NA romance where the virginal girl sleeps with the bad boy I am going to blow my brains out. It’s refreshing to read a new take on genre, and without feeding into stereotype of virginal college girls.

I loved Bella as a heroine. She lived her life and didn’t give a crap what others thought. And yet there was this beautiful vulnerable side to her that remained below the surface. Reading her ordeal brought tears to my eyes, and her strength was one of my favorite things about her.

Rafe, well I’m not normally one for the Latin guys, but I was sold on him! I loved that he was a GOOD guy, and not always super alpha, but it didn’t mean being nice made him weak. It made him a catch. He was thoughtful of others, cared for those he loved, and worked hard for what he wanted.

I’ve said before that it must be right place right time, because I loved this series. It may not be for everyone, but it worked for me. Kicking myself for not having read it sooner. By the way this is the fourth book in a series and CAN be read as a standalone novel.

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