Out of Time

Out of Time (Nine Minutes #2) by Beth Flynn

2 stars

Update. After much reflection I am lowering to a 2. The bad did not outweigh the good in this one, even though I really wanted it to.

 photo out of time chess piece.png

Where do I begin? Nine Minutes was one of my favorite books from last year. It left me so conflicted but so happy as a reader that I got something different from the usual romance story. Grizz was one of those characters you don’t see a lot, where he’s a bad man but wonderful to his woman. And for me, as long as he’s not a dick I am good with that.

And I’d also like to note what’s funny about my reading experience of Nine Minutes, I never saw Grizz as a romantic interest, but that’s because of the prologue in that book. So after seeing lots of discussions of people being Team Grizz here on Goodreads and over on Facebook, it opened up my mind to new possibilities. I had always been Team Grunt because I didn’t think there was another Team. That’s what happens when you don’t open your mind to other possibilities kiddos!

 photo grizz quote oot.png

Out of Time was just an okay read for me. Positives of the book included an amazing backstory on Grizz and how he became the man he was. Just an absolutely heart wrenching story, things happened to him that would have broken any person but he survived and prevailed. I also loved the backstory on Grunt and his involvement in Ginny’s life as well. It helped the readers see his motivations we couldn’t see in Nine Minutes.

This is where I list what didn’t work for me and what made this book a 2 stars. I didn’t care for the time jumps at all, they were a bit too confusing for me. Luckily the author would give some context at the beginning of the chapters or I would have been completely lost. And not to try and compare this to the first book, but I devoured that one in a matter of hours. It took meDAYS to finish this one and I was pushing myself hard. It just didn’t suck me in like Nine Minutes did.

Last, I felt the last 25-30% of the book was way over the top. The twists didn’t hold any wow factor for me, in fact they did the complete opposite. I felt like they came out of nowhere and didn’t relate to the story as a whole, and to me they were unnecessary.

I think Beth Flynn is an absolutely amazing writer and author, and while I just liked this book I would happily read anything else by her in the future. This particular book just didn’t click as much with my personal reading tastes as the first one did.

BUT REMEMBER! I seem to be in the minority with just liking it and not loving it, so I encourage you to read it yourself and make up your own mind. Everyone has different reading tastes and so many people loved this, I think you as a reader should give it a shot.

ARC kindly provided by TRSOR in exchange for a review


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