Searching for Beautiful

Searching for Beautiful (Searching For…#3) by Jennifer Probst

4 stars!

“Beautiful. I’m searching for something beautiful out there.”

For those of you who have read the Marriage to a Billionaire series, it’s pretty much one of the ultimate guilty pleasure series. The first 3 books were pure escapism and the 4th brought a little more to the table. In the 4th book we are introduced to Wolfe, a troubled and tormented young teen who defies authority and pushes people away. By the end of the 4th book, he has found parents in Sawyer and Julietta and moves to New York to pursue his career.

Throughout the Searching For… series, we hear about the friendship of Wolfe and Gen through other characters. In the first two books through side plot we discover Gen has met and is dating a doctor, her boss and is slowly pushing Wolfe away the more serious she becomes with her new man.

We begin Searching for Beautiful on the day of Gen’s wedding. A little voice in the back of her mind tells her to run, and she does. Gen climbs out a window and lands on her best friend Wolfe who had arrived late to the wedding. Together they run away from the wedding and Wolfe brings her to a summer cabin.

From here the line between best friends and attraction become blurry, but Wolfe’s past and Gen’s ex-fiance may come between the two.

“Sometimes the hardest, bravest thing in the world is to let someone love you.”

 photo pagebreak.png

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

This was probably my favorite book by Jennifer Probst so far. Her series is a great escape series, one that in real like would be kind of ridiculous but is fun to read. Wolfe is her best character, he’s complex, kind, closed off and loyal. I’m so glad that the author included flash backs to what he went through as a child so we understood his hardships from his point of view.

“If you love someone, you need to be honest. Brave. Tell them straight out and blow up the fucking rules. Because I’m starting to believe there shouldn’t be any rules when you love someone.”

I loved the development of Gen and Wolfe, two people who started out as friends, who trust each other, who love and respect each other for who they are. The two of them being together was so obvious to everyone but them you just kind of want to slap them in the face with reality.

Reading about Gen and her fiance scared the living shit out of me. He’s the man who is verbally abusive but twists it around in such a way that no one would believe you. This type of person isterrifying to me. My criticism of his character and his role would be that the author built up so much to his horrid ways and it never had a climax, he just sort of faded away.

This was also a huge book, almost 500 pages!!!! It honestly felt like 2 different books in one. Slice it halfway through and you have a first book and its sequel.

My one major, major criticism. There were parts of this book that reminded me of Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young. Obviously the books have differences, I’m not saying it’s all the same. BUT, there was a scene near the end that was so eerily similar to BJL that I almost wanted to compare the dialogue line by line.

So despite the above, I really did enjoy this book. Wolfe’s book was done well and I love that man. I recommend reading the Marriage to a Millionaire series and the first two books in this series first to understand the dynamics between all of the characters, but technically you can read as a standalone (but I do not recommend doing that).

“I’ll always love you as a friend. But it’s more now. I love you as a man. My lover. As my partner.”


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