First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson #1) by Darynda Jones

3 stars!

“Never knock on death’s door. Ring the doorbell then run. He totally hates that.
– T-shirt”

This is where I use this review to rant a bit. 3 stars is NOT A BAD RATING!! I enjoyed reading this so even if you mean well, please do not say sorry or better luck next time . Remember a 3 star rating according to Goodreads means I liked it . 4 stars is for REALLY liked and 5 is for LOVED.

Back to the real part of the review.

Charley Davidson can see dead people. Technically she’s a grim reaper and helps souls cross when they die on earth. Charley spends her time as a private investigator and also helps the police on the side. Her Uncle is a cop and knows about her abilities, so he often uses her to help solve difficult cases. When three lawyers turn up as ghosts, Charley discovers they were all killed at the same time in order to keep an innocent man in prison. On top of all of this, a sexy ghost thing named Reyes shows up in Charley’s sleep and does some crazy hot things to her.

“That took balls.”
“Please,” I said with a snort, “that took ovaries. Of which I have two.”

 photo pagebreak.png

The best part of this book was the snark. I loved the author’s snark and Charley’s snark. When covering a topic as morbid as death it’s important to include the right balance of humor in order to make it not depressing. I especially found some of the stalker ghosts to be funny like the little blond girl.

I found it interesting that for such a central character the reader never spent a lot of face time with Reyes. He was talked about so much it would have been nice to actually here from him rather than about him. I think that may change in the next installments (at least I hope so).

“If I couldn’t be a good example, I’d just have to be a horrible warning.”

So why not a 4 or 5? Honestly, when I put this book down, I wasn’t eager to pick it back up. The mystery plot was all over the place and the plot lines seriously had some ADD going on. It became a little confusing the constant switch of what case Charley was working on. For lack of a better word, it didn’t feel like it was balanced very well.

So to reiterate, I enjoyed this book but didn’t love it. I’ve heard the series gets better as it goes on so I look forward to continuing it.


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