An Ice Cold Grave

An Ice Cold Grave (Harper Connelly #3) by Charlaine Harris

4 stars!

 photo ice cold grave casting.png

This was the best book in the series so far! Harper Connelly was struck by lightning when she was fifteen. Since then she has been able to locate dead bodies and determine their cause of death. Harper and her step-brother Tolliver travel the US using her ability to make a living. Harper and Tolliver are brought to North Carolina on their most recent job in an effort to locate missing teenage boys. Not only does Harper locate their bodies, but it turns out there is a serial killer in this small town and he’s not happy that Harper has ruined his fun.

 photo pagebreak.png

An Ice Cold Grave was the best book in the series by far. I felt the mystery was way more interesting in this book and the way it unraveled had a nice flow, compared to the first two novels where it was very all of the sudden. The murders were much more gruesome than previous novels, which was a bit surprising.

But my favorite part was watching Harper and Tolliver FINALLY reveal their attraction to each other. It’s not gross to me because they’re not related, and they know each other better than anyone else. It made sense. Plus it was a bonus knowing Tolliver had been way more aware of it than Harper had. He was just waiting for her to realize it, too.

So if you like paranormal mystery with some romance thrown in, this is the series for you. I’m going to hold off on reading the next book as I don’t want this series to end!!!


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