Scorched (Frigid #2) by Jennifer Armentrout

4.5 stars!

So I am a huge fan of anything Jennifer Armentrout writes. I’ve read all but one of her books, and the lowest I’ve rated her books was a 3 (and that was the Gamble brother’s series which isn’t her best). That’s 20+ books I’ve loved by her so I am not being modest when I say I might be a little biased when it comes to her work, because it just works for me.

Andrea and Tanner do not get along. Most of the time they are trading barbs and insults with each other until the other one gets pissed off and walks away. But when their friends Kyler and Sydney invite them to stay at a cabin in West Virginia for a week in the summer, neither one of them can pass up the opportunity for a getaway. While there it’s obvious that this has been a setup by the happy couple to get Andrea and Tanner alone together, but the most surprising thing is how they end up getting along and enjoying their time together.

But Andrea has issues that stand in the way of anything becoming real between the two of them, and this week will either help her, or cause her to spiral out of control.

 photo pagebreak.png

This story focused on an issue we don’t always see in the new adult genre: drinking. I felt the author did an incredible job with writing the issue at hand and I never once felt like it was exaggerated or blown out of proportion. Andrea wasn’t an alcoholic by traditional terms, but she could never have just one drink. And her drinking was very much to cover up internal issues that she didn’t know how to deal with. There were so many moments in this book where tears would start streaming down my face, hearing Andrea’s inner turmoil and her motivations behind her actions. She’s a character I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I will say my only criticisms were the first 52% of the book or so was a 3.5 rating for me, but the last half of the book the author really pulled out the emotional punches and yanked up the rating for me. I also wasn’t entirely convinced by the romance between Tanner and Andrea. I saw the attraction, but a part of me thinks Tanner is just too good to be true. Like Andrea made him up to deal with her issues.

So for me this story was about the heroine’s journey to healing herself and I thought that part of it as beautiful. And I loved the small shout out in the beginning to the Lux series. It was cute!

And for more info after you read the book, read JLA’s personal story here:…


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