Tease (Songs of Submission #2) by CD Reiss

4 stars!

 photo tease collage.png

Yay!! This is what I was hoping for in the first book.

Tease picks up just after the two weeks where Jonathan went away to Korea for business. Monica and him continue their sexual relationship but with conditions. Jonathan is still in love with his ex-wife and refuses to love another. Monica wishes to focus on her singing career and refuses to be with anyone who does not support it. By chance the two of them must attend an art exhibit in which both of their exes are showing/selling their art, so the two of them decide to go together.

I really like how the story has progressed so far. Monica and Jonathan seem to have a level of respect for each other that is needed for whatever relationship they have together to work. It’s also been interesting meeting their exes and seeing how those people molded both of them into who they are presently. Kevin seems like a douche and Jessica a bitch, but we will see.


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